Highland Park 12 Years

Highland Park 12 Years

Highland Park 12 Years

Highland Park is the northernmost whisky distillery in Scotland. Founded by Magnus Eunson in 1978, the story behind this brand is quite interesting and colorful. Its founder balanced his work as a producer of Scotch whiskies and as a preacher, and at night, as a smuggler. However, despite its hectic origins, this brand has grown to be one of the most recognized for its quality.

Highland Park 12 years bottle
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Features of Highland Park 12 Years

The Highland Park 12 Years is a Scotch much appreciated and praised, both for its quality and for its characteristic personality. Rich, with soft flavors of heather honey, and turfy, to give that smoky touch, this whisky has everything to please the most discerning drinkers. And for those who fear the most striking taste of peat, there is no need to worry. In Highland Park 12 years this flavor it is not very strong, quite the contrary. The smoky touch offered by peat balances very well all the flavors.



The aroma of Highland Park 12 Years is very pleasant, combining several features. Strong, smoked, with the inevitable touch of peat, and still, with a little spice. When you add some water, the aromas open up even more. In addition to the various aromas already mentioned, there are still some floral scents. With ice, the initial aromas remain, but more discrete.


Like the aroma, the Highland Park 12 has strong but pleasant and balanced flavours. By the way, balance is the key word in Highland Park 12 Years. The specters, the smoke, the peat, but also a touch of fruit and the sweetness of honey are tasted. The finish is smoky, dry and long. Adding water will make the taste softer. Ice will refresh the flavors, however, making them more discreet. To fully enjoy it, the best thing is to drink it pure.


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