Drink Like a Connoisseur With Our Whiskey Tasting Tips

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Drink Like a Connoisseur With Our Whiskey Tasting Tips

At Whisky Flavour, we are proud to offer a whisky tasting subscription service which is truly beyond compare. Our goal was to give whisky fans access to subscription boxes with at least four mini-bottles of original whisky inside and we’ve done so… successfully and to great acclaim!

Our customers really love this practical and fun service and they are able to choose their preferred whisky ages for their boxes, from 18 years to 21 years to 30 years.

As well, our valued customers are able to choose how often they receive their subscription boxes. The choices are once a month, once every three months and once every six months!


We send out the miniature bottles of authentic whisky in stylish, handcrafted wooden boxes which most subscribers hang onto and then display or re-use!


Our subscription boxes are great to look at and so sensible. Also, and most importantly, they are great fun to receive and this is why a lot of people choose to give whisky tasting subscriptions as thoughtful and unique gifts.

Those who choose our subscription boxes are able to try to best whiskys on planet earth without buying costly full bottles of these blends, single malts, rye whiskys, etc! As you probably already know, the cost of whisky gets pretty expensive when full bottles are purchased, especially when they are exclusive whiskies from the world’s premier distilleries.

So, receiving at least four miniature bottles of original whisky is a more affordable way to expand one’s “whisky horizons!” You’ll gain access to the best brands and you’ll be able to drink whisky like a true connoisseur.


Is Whisky New to You?

If you’re new to whisky and you want to learn more about it, you should know that it’s traditionally enjoyed via snifters. These glasses have wide bases and they make it simple for whisky fans to swirl around their whiskies in order to release their flavor and appreciate their unique features, such as viscosity and color.

We like our whisky “neat”. This means that we prefer no ice or water to be added, but everyone’s different – just enjoy yourself and drink your whisky how you want to! However you mix it (or don’t mix it), we recommend swirling your whisky around in the glass a bit before sniffing its aroma and inspecting it more closely. You’ll release its scent when you swirl and you’ll also get a better sense of its color and viscosity.

Sniff right at the top of the glass. Don’t bury your nose in the glass as whisky contains a fair bit of alcohol and burying your nose in the glass may give you a woozy feeling.

Once you’ve enjoyed the aroma of your whiskey, take a tiny first sip. We want you to basically gargle the whisky, but subtly, in order to really experience the nuances of its flavor. So, your first sip should be about rolling the amber goodness around in your mouth before you swallow! Just let your senses take over as you roll the whisky around and taste all of its unique “notes”. A lot of people think about what they’re tasting. They try to identify “notes”.

Once you’ve “gargled it”, you’ll be ready to swallow it. You may notice a bit of a burn before you swallow. This is normal and it’s due to the relatively high alcohol content of whisky. Usually, people who taste a lot of whisky find that the “burn” becomes unnoticeable. Many people find it to be a pleasant sensation.


Now that you know more about our subscription service, as well as how to taste whisky like the experts do, why not sign up for a subscription today? We know that you’ll love our whisky tasting subscription box service!


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