Important things to know, if you wanna buy whiskey

buy whiskey

Important things to know, if you wanna buy whiskey

If you are new to the world of whiskey, it is probably not easy for you to buy whiskey. Irish, scotch, bourbon, different ages – how to pick a really good whiskey? And what is the best price range for a beginner? Keep reading and find out more about how to choose the perfect whiskey!


A bottle of whiskey is an investment but…

… don´t choose an old and pricey whiskey like Bunnahabhain Limited Edition 40 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky just to impress your friends. In the beginning you are probably overwhelmed with the complex flavors of an old and expensive whiskey. It needs time and experience to appreciate the full potential of a beverage. Better start with something pleasing and easy to drink and taste.


buy whiskey

Popular whiskey

The most popular whiskey is not in every case the best one. It´s maybe a beverage with a long tradition or clever marketing. Also it might be popular because it is affordable.


Don´t stick with the cheapest whiskey

Even if your budget is limited, better stick to smaller bottles or miniatures and don´t buy the cheapest whiskey you can find. For sure there are good whiskeys in a reasonable price range. But just think of the cheapest beer, the cheapest wine or any other food or beverage, that you tried and it lacked quality. Whiskey was made to be enjoyed, try to keep that in mind when you buy whiskey.


Get your facts straight

Gain some general knowledge about whiskeys. Can you for instance tell whats the difference between bourbon and scotch? What is Irish? And how to distinguish single malts from blends? Check the facts and the features of different whiskeys before buying them. Scroll through our blog, if you wanna learn more!


Age matters

What happens to whiskey, when it is aging in oak barrels? Of course it changes flavors and even the percentage of alcohol. After 18 years in a barrel a young and fruity whiskey for example can develop flavors of nuts, smoke and wood


Which flavors do you like?

Be aware of your personal preferences and read reviews, before you buy whiskey, If you don´t like the flavor of peat, choose a whiskey, that does not taste like it. Good to know: Whiskeys change their taste depending on the way you serve them. Especially ice is a real game changer.


Variety is the key, when you buy whiskey

In our opinion the best advise: Try as many whiskeys as you can.Figure out if you prefer scotch or Irish. And experiment with different countries of origin. The water in Sweden makes a whiskey taste very different than the water and the barley in Japan, Germany or France.


Next step

After finding your preferred distillery and region, try different labels. In this state your a probably an advanced afficionado. Maybe its already time to invest in a full bottle. Or even visit the distillery during your next vacations!


Keep notes!

Try to keep track of your choices, when you buy whiskey. A notebook is of great help: Write down the region, type, distillery, age, flavors that are normally being tasted. And most important: Write down your personal opinion whenever you buy whiskey.

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