French Whiskey – Armorik Classic

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Armorik is a well-known and unique french Whiskey. If you are curious about the brand, we leave you the tasting notes of its Classic expression.

There’s no other country in the world that consumes so much Scotch like France. However, it’s interesting to notice that its whiskeys are far different from those traditionally found in Scottish distillates. french whiskey is a drink with a strong personality, granted mainly by the use of sherry barrels. These spirits have unique aromas and flavours, perfect for those who like to escape from the ordinary and try new sensations. One of the strongest names of whiskey production in France is Armorik. Today we’re going to talk about it’s Classic range, a whiskey with no big intentions but still very interesting and of great quality. Check it out.


Armorik Classic

Produced at the Warenghem distillery in Lannion, north of Britain, the whiskey Armorik Classic is a very well succeeded blend of many whiskeys of different ages, aged in sherry barrels. The final result is something that’s going to please most fans of this spirit, even if it’s a lot different from the usual whiskeys that come from the Britain islands.

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Main features of french whiskey Armorik Classic

A bottle of french whiskey Armorik Classic and its box

As we said above, this whiskey doesn’t try to be something it’s not. However, it’s not as simple as it may initially look like, offering many layers to explore. Get to know the main features of this elegant and pleasant beverage.



Right after putting it on the glass, this French whiskey shows what it’s up to. With a very rich aroma, but elegant at the same time, we notice scents of toasted bread and walnuts. A very interesting aroma.



When it comes to taste, the whiskey expression Armorik Classic soon reveals it’s complexity. With a strong fruity beginning, it slowly begins to show other layers. After the taste of fruit, a touch of cereals and dried fruits appears, followed by spices. The end is long, with a touch of spicy and sea flavors, giving this French whiskey a very curious and pleasant character.

Got curious? Then try the whiskey Armorik Classic and get ready to surprise yourself.

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