Get ready for Christmas with the perfect whiskey gift

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Christmas is right around the corner. Although the weather is still showing signs of a continuous warm and cosy summer, we know that Christmas is only three months away. So why not start to organize your gifts in advance so you do not have to stress about it when December comes.

One of the best gifts you can give your loved ones is a subscription box. Why, you probably ask? A gift that keeps on giving throughout the following months and allows people to experience a variety of different things within the same gift.

If you are reading this is because you probably enjoy or are curious about the whiskey universe and understand the impact of this incredible spirit. So why not join these two ideas and offer a whiskey monthly subscription pack?

We see more and more people drinking whisky, where they are eager and excited to buy the next “big bottle” type of whiskeys found in any local department store or supermarket. The problem in doing so is the investment they have to make upfront before knowing if that is their type of whisky. For this reason, whisky monthly boxes are becoming popular as they allow you to try samples of different whiskeys at a more reasonable price and with a larger variety. These may differ from the more famous brands of Scotch, Irish or Bourbon whiskeys or even the craft and smaller distilleries.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you find the right program to get jumpstarted with!


Find yourself a reliable company in the industry

Before you order from a company a whiskey monthly box, make sure you do some research so you understand what it has to offer and if it is a reputable and established company. Some companies fill in miniature bottles and label them by themselves, which does not give you the reassurance that you are drinking exactly what is labelled.

Whisky Flavour is a company that prides in offering original miniatures from the whiskey brands. This will allow you to experience the true whiskeys that come in every box. Here there are no funny business behind the scenes and you get exactly what you order, wherever you are. You can choose between a variety of different subscriptions allowing you to choose the age of whiskeys you want to trial and the months you want this for at a very reasonable price. This is a good way for you to start discovering the world of whiskey, with a depth inside on its history, production and types.


Find a subscription box that expands your palate

Once you find the company, you want to make your subscription make sure it offers you variety. It might seem tempting to sign up with a whiskey box monthly subscription that offers you plenty of samples of the type of whiskey you already love. However, that is not the purpose of a monthly subscription and it will not expand your palate.

The purpose of this kind of service is to expose you to a wide variety of whiskeys, allowing you to try different kind of whiskeys every month. They are designed for you to discover this world in more depth, with its variety of notes and flavours so you can become a master in the whiskey world.

Although you will still get, every now and then, a couple of your favourite whiskeys, you will also discover new ones that you probably have not come across yet. Let your and your loved ones palate expand only with the right subscription.

With Christmas right around the corner, you have now plenty of time of start your research and maybe even offer yourself a merry little whiskey subscription box.

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