Getting a whiskey gift: Reasons why whiskey is just the perfect treat

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Getting a whiskey gift: Reasons why whiskey is just the perfect treat

There is a saying, that a whiskey gift is just the perfect treat for the person who already got everything. Besides this a bottle of whiskey gift is a great proof of style and your good taste. There are several other reasons why whisky is just the ideal present for your boss, your uncle, your spouse or your best friend. Keep reading if you are undecided!

You can enjoy whiskey for much more time than wine

Whiskey is a luxury good that is being enjoyed over time. Opposed to a bottle of wine the person who receives the gift will to have fun with the whiskey for quit some time after opening the bottle. Remember that whiskey does not loose its flavors after opening the bottle whereas wine needs to be consumed in quit a limited time frame.

A whiskey gift is personal but…not too personal

Whiskey is a personal gift but its not too personal compared to other expensive gifts. Take perfume for instance: Like whiskey perfume depends highly on taste and personal perception. But even if your friend or family does not like the whiskey, he or she can share it with friends. In the case of perfume or a body lotions that´s quit tricky.

Whiskey does not make the receiver gain weight like chocolate

Whiskey does not make you gain weight, if consumed in reasonable and responsible amounts. The same does not go for expensive chocolate which usually contains a lot of calories. Also consider a bottle of whiskey before you give a woman chocolate or flowers. Your wife or your mother might enjoy a refreshing glass of old fashioned or a high quality scotch from time to time.

Everyone is going to like a whiskey gift

Whiskey is a gift for everyone. You can give it to your boss and demonstrate your good taste. Or offer it to your business partner and show your appreciation. Your neighbour might feel flattered and even close family members or your partner are definitely going to appreciate a bottle of whiskey or a tasting box with assorted whiskeys.

Whiskey and a good book

Combine your whiskey gift with something related like a whiskey cooking book or a cocktail book. Scroll through our blog if you need more inspiration regarding whiskey and food pairing and find delicious recipes for whiskey cocktails.

Whiskey tasting boxes and the perfect glass

Sign your beloved ones up for a tasting box so they got the chance to try a lot of different flavors. That´s the perfect gift for newbies who are curious and also for experts who are thrilled to try international whiskeys. Add a special set of glasses which makes them enjoy all the flavors of the whiskey. If you wanna know more about the perfect glass, check this post about the physics of the ideal whiskey glass.

You deserve a present!

Last but not least give yourself a treat with a whiskey gift. Like the Irish author and philosopher Iris Murdoch once said: “One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.”.


Did you ever surprise somebody with a whiskey gift? Or did someone give you a delicious, smokey, floral or woody treat? Leave a comment below or write us a mail! We are thrilled to hear your story!


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