How to make a whisky cocktail

whisky cocktail

How to make a whisky cocktail

Drinking a whisky does not have to be limited to its traditional form. There are many recipes with which you can vary slightly the way taste this drink. If you’re a fan of cocktails, or will have visitors in your home, the following suggestion is a guaranteed success.


Whisky Cocktail

whisky cocktail recipe
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There are recipes, whether they are cocktails, desserts or savory dishes, whose addition of whisky, will give more intense and fantastic flavors. In this case, using whisky for the preparation of the cocktail is an interesting way to create new flavors.



– 2 tablespoons of yellow or brown sugar;

– 1 lemon;

– 1 tablespoon of passion fruit pulp;

– 50 cl of watermelon juice;

– 50 cl of whisky of your preference;

– 3 ice cubes.



After washing, cut the lemon in half and slice it into rings. Place in blender. Then, add the brown sugar and the passion fruit pulp and mix well. The next step is adding the ice cubes, watermelon juice and the whisky of your preference in the blender and mix again. Finally, you can add a few slices and lemon.

And the cocktail is ready to be tasted, even by those who are not big fans of Whisky. This recipe is a guaranteed success as whisky cocktail in the summer, or as an appetizer before your meal.


Whisky Cola

whisky cola cocktail
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A very famous and simple recipe to do is whisky and cola. For this recipe just join a part of whisky, coke and a piece of lemon. And voila, this is more a cocktail with to enjoy in hot weather or a long night out with friends.


Did you ever try a whisky cocktail? If so, tell us what was it and leave the recipe below and we will feature your cocktail in our blog (with credits, of course)!

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