Pure Malt Taketsuru – Japanese whisky

Pure Malt Taketsuru- Japanese whisky

Pure Malt Taketsuru – Japanese whisky

Taketsuru is a legendary name on the japanese whisky history. Responsible for bringing from Scotland the necessary knowledge to produce whisky, has been for a long time responsible for  whisky production at Suntory. Later founded his own distillery – Nikka. Unlike other brands, Nikka always focused on quality rather than quantity and for that reason today is one of the references of Japanese whisky. To pay homage to its founder, Nikka distillery produced the Pure Malt Taketsuru.


Pure Malt Taketsuru

During his stay, one of the most important things Taketsuru learnt in Scotland was the importance of the natural recourses of the distillery’s locations. Water and cereals are essentially the most important elements to produce whisky. The better quality they are, the better are the whiskies produced. The Pure Malt Taketsuru is just the face visible to all those attributes.

The pure malt whiskies are a type of whisky where it is only used malt barley. It is a different whisky, full of personality. In honor to Masataka Taketsuru, considered the father of Japanese whisky, was created this pure malt of great quality, using the best resources of the regions where Nikka distilleries are located.

Pure Malt Taketsuru - Japanese whisky

Pure Malt Taketsuru – Characteristics

This is a whisky with a naturally malted flavour. Although it is not a blended whisky, is very balanced and smooth, easy to drink by any whisky lover. Tasting this whisky what it stands out are the fruity aromas, that give this whisky a lightness and smoothness quite interesting. It is definitely a whisky to know and taste, especially if you are interested in learning about the whiskies produced by Nikka’s distillery.

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