Red Mix – a Scotch Cocktail

Red Mix Cocktail

Red Mix – a Scotch Cocktail

One of the best known and popular Scotches in the world is definitely the Johnnie Walker Red Label. It was natural that this whisky, known for its soft and very pleasant flavors, was used to create a whisky cocktail. The Red Mix is ​​a Scotch cocktail that combines several “red” ingredients, such as berries, and where it stands out the Johnnie Walker Red Label.



The Red Mix Cocktail is a drink that, as the name suggests, is a blend of various red ingredients. Beginning with several red fruits, and using the Red Label, this cocktail is an explosion of flavors that will surely make a success in a party with friends. Learn how to make Red Mix recipe, step by step.


You will need:

  • 3 raspberries;
  • 3 strawberries;
  • 3 blackberries;
  • 1 dose of Johnnie Walker Red Label (50 ml);
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar;
  • Ice to taste.


How to prepare:

For this recipe you will need a long glass. Begin by washing the red fruits very well, and then place them inside the glass. Add the sugar and using a pestle (if you do not use a flatware with a wider tip), lightly mash the fruit and sugar. Over the crushed fruit and sugar put some ice to taste, until you reach the edge of the glass. Lastly, to finish the recipe of the Red Mix Cocktail, simply add the Johnnie Walker Red Label and mix.


And  your cocktail is ready to be tasted and enjoyed. 

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