Johnnie Walker Red Label

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Johnnie Walker Red Label

One of the best known scotches among the various brands is definitely Johnnie Walker. Within the various beverages marketed by this company, there is none so famous as Johnnie Walker’s Red Label. One of the major responsible for the massification of Scotch all over the world, the Johnnie Walker’s Red Label is still the best-selling Scotch and one of the most recognized.


About Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker, son of Alexander Walker, was part of a family whose knowledge of manufacturing and distilling whisky was passed through several generations. However, with the death of Alexander in 1819, Johnnie without possibilities to maintain the family farm, ended up selling. With the revenue from the sale, he opened a liquor store, and later began to dedicate more time and efforts to the manufacture, distillation and naturally, the sale of his own Scotch. And here he began the tale of one of the most outstanding brands in the history of whisky.


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The features of Johnnie Walker Red Label

The Red Label is a Scotch of great versatility, having a strong and intense flavor, and at the same time, very soft. This is why Red Label is a scotch universally enjoyed, reaching the vast majority of whisky consumers, who feel it as a nice beverage, easy to drink and with excellent quality. Furthermore, it is a scotch with good properties even when mixed, making it very versatile. For this reason, is the best-selling Scotch worldwide.

The Johnny Walker Red Label results from the mixing of a large number of malts. So with a unique selection of over 35 malts, this beverage is a blend of high quality scotch, full-bodied and rich. As for the drink properties such as taste and aroma, Johnnie Walker Red Label is characterized by having a flavor with strong notes of honey and an aroma where you feel cloves, wood and butterscotch.

Do you enjoy this Scotch? Which is your favourite Johnnie Walker Label?

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