The Hierarchy of Johnnie

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Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch, currently owned by Diageo. This whisky was originated in the Scottish town of Kilmarnock in East Ayrshire.

Stablished initially by a grocer named John Walker, the brand is currently one of the best well-known whisky brands in the world. It is sold in almost every country in the world with annual sales of around $223.7 million, which is around 700x ml bottles.

For you to understand a bit better the different scotch they offer, we will give you a list of their most famous and most incredible ones. This is the hierarchy of Johnnie, where we start with the most common one, and finish with the most premium.

Red Label

This is a Scotch full of character and the world’s best-selling Scotch whisky. This whisky is defined by intense, spicy, zingy and edgy flavours. It burst onto the palate with freshness of the spray from a crashing wave followed by the zing of spices and a smoky finish.

johnnie walker red

Black Label

The black label is described with hidden depths. It boasts with superior depth and complexity giving strong smoky and fuller flavour. Each bottle has at least two decades of planning. Aged in the finest whisky casks it gives unique and bold flavours to this Scotch.

johnnie walker black

Green Label

This Scotch has a rich blend of only malts making it distinctively different. With natural vibrand flavours, it provides an unparalleled depth and intensity. Each of the malts are specially selected by their Master Blender in order to create the perfect balance.

With a rich gold amber appearance and a medium-full malt, you will feel the complex of its natural aromas. A perfect blend of cherry, orange and exotic notes.

johnnie walker green

Gold Label Reserve

This is a luxurious and indulgent Scotch. As a multi-layered blend it gives a smooth balance pof sweet fruits and creaminess that evolves into a honeyed note. The end is fruity and light giving perfect smoky and wood notes to the palate.

This was inspired by an unbroken 190-year lineage of expertise. Crafted as a celebration, you will be delighted with this unique whisky.

johnnie walker gold label reserve

Blue Label

The Blue Label is a masterpiece Scotch. With powerful aromas and balanced hints of sweetness and depth, there is nothing like it. Your first sip will reveal an explosion of flavour. The layers of flavours develop slowly and continue throughout the ultimate step.

This is not for the whisky beginners. It is a challenging whisky, which requires an acquired taste. Each bottle is unique and gives complex and powerful notes.

johnnie walker blue label


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