The Perfect Black Friday Gift for Whisky Lovers

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It’s never easy to find the perfect Black Friday gift for anyone, especially whisky lovers.

As much as we know our friends and family, it’s difficult to know their exact tastes. Trying to find a new whisky perfect for them can be impossible with the encyclopedic length of whisky distilleries out there today. And while we can always just get them our personal favorite bottle of whisky, it can seem impersonal, using our preferences as assumptions of their own. Sampling whisky together is always a fun activity, but the waste of buying entire bottles warrants far more than a simple Black Friday present.

So this Black Friday, make it easy for yourself, and for all of your friends and family, by getting them a WhiskyFlavour subscription. It’s the gift that rewards whiskey lovers just as much as someone looking to broaden their tastes by giving them the chance to sample different whiskys from all over the world, without the cost and waste of buying the entire bottle. It will give them the power to find out which whisky they truly love, and make you the recipient of endless thanks and appreciation.

A WhiskyFlavour subscription includes at least four originally branded samples of premium, signature whisky (sometimes even more depending on the value of the bottles, and how WhiskyFlavour is feeling that month!) wrapped safely in a sleek and modern reusable wooden box, making it the perfect gift that can be displayed once the whisky is finished.

And that’s not all; also included in the monthly subscription box are glencair glasses, cork coasters, and snacks and chocolate to pair and enjoy alongside their whiskey, providing a unique and memorable experience every single month. For Black Friday, you might start with just a one-month order for the loved ones in your life, but don’t be surprised if they enjoy their box so much they order a subscription themselves for the next 3, 6, or even 12 months.

WhiskyFlavour was created with one goal in mind – to share and spread the greatness and richness with whiskey with anyone and everyone they can. They believe that there is nothing better than a glass of whisky, because they themselves are true and ardent whisky lovers, through and through. In order to do so, they’ve partnered up with the finest and most respected whiskey distilleries they could find to provide each box with hand picked selections that are sure to please every taste.

That’s what makes their boxes the perfect gift for anyone – they provide the freedom and flexibility of a whisky tasting room right to your door. No full bottle commitments, no hassle. Anyone who is curious about whiskey can sip on any of the four samples without ever feeling guilty of not liking them, because there can be four new samples that very next month.

It goes unsaid that there will never be repeated samples of whisky in your box, no matter how long your subscription is with WhiskyFlavour. What should be said is WhiskyFlavour also lets you decide between three different types of tasting boxes as well: 18-year-aged whisky, 21-year-aged whisky, and finally 30-year-aged whisky, allowing for even more personalization for every single whisky lover in your life.

WhiskyFlavour also takes extreme pride in ensuring the box you provide as a gift gets to wherever it needs to go, safely and on time. They have on-the-clock customer service to make certain receiving the box is as enjoyable as the contents inside. The company after all was founded by whisky lovers, for whisky lovers. They don’t take things much more seriously than whisky.

The best part of WhiskFlavour is its simplicity. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy different bottles of whisky every single month? Or maybe just as a one-time treat from a client or to your groomsman? The opportunities of enjoying the box are as endless as the options are of who you can give this gift to. You will not only seem like a sophisticated whisky conneseur, but also as someone who cares about the people closest to them. It’s a truly unique gift for the truly universal recipient.

Black Friday does not need to be a headache this year. There are no lines to wait in for a WhiskyFlavour subscription, just simply go online to their website now and place your order. The great people of WhiskyFlavour will take care of everything else. All you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy your own glass of whiskey.

You deserve it.

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