Here’s Why A Whisky Subscription Is The Best Christmas Gift

Whisky Best Christmas gift

It’s the season, whiskey lovers! Holiday festivities are just around the corner. This doesn’t just mean tacky sweaters and specialty Christmas cocktails. Along with the merry fellowship is a cultural imperative to get a special something for a special someone.

Whether that someone is your partner, family member, friend, or colleague.

Whisky is a staple liqueur to our holiday traditions. Making it one of the most popular gifts for our beloved.

The perfect Christmas gift is timeless and impressionable. Sometimes choosing a gift is tricky because today’s world focuses everything on experience. How do you find a gift that offers affordability and a quality experience?

A whisky subscription box. Bim, bam, and boom.

Palm smacking your forehead yet? We did, too. Here’s why a whisky subscription box is the best Christmas gift.


You don’t need to worry as much about the whisky’s shelf life.

A whisky’s shelf life can vary depending on a range of factors. Whether it’s opened or unopened plays a huge role in how whisky ages. Whisky can last anywhere from 6 months to a few years when opened. Unopened, however, whiskey can last anywhere from decades to over a century. Depending on other factors such as light exposure, quality, brand, additives, etc.

However, the whisky we send are from branded distilleries of the utmost quality. You have the option to select the ages of your miniatures. Regardless of whether the person you’re buying for plans on drinking or collecting it, a subscription box is a win-win.


Our subscription box is lavishly packaged as a gift.

The whisky subscription box is more than a few tasting samples for you. Sophisticated with a dash of ritzy. We understand you’re paying for a quality experience from the moment our box is delivered to you.

We use a premium reusable wooden box stocked with branded miniatures, cork coasters, glencairn glasses, and two delicately wrapped chocolate cubes. Just be sure to let us know if it’s a gift before ordering so we can send it as one.

The whisky box allows you to choose a duration for your subscription.

Concerned that whisky might go to waste if giving as a gift? This will depend on the type of drinker someone is. Are they a social, regular, or seldom drinker? Do they sip or pour? Will they drink it all up during the holiday -or- use it as a decoration for years to come?

Once you answer these questions, you can decide between a 1, 3, 6, and 12 month subscription. Some suggestions include (but aren’t limited to):

1 month: seldom drinkers

3 months: social drinkers, college students

6 months: casual drinkers, whisky enthusiasts

12 months: regular drinkers, whisky aficionados


The whiskey box subscription is a go to gift for men who are hard to shop for.

Surely a man in your life is always asking you for gifts like socks, underwear, or you guessed it– alcohol. Perhaps they’re selective -or- they have everything they want. There’s no need for buying a large bottle of top shelf whiskey when you can pay less to have quality miniatures sent to you.

Whether he loves whiskey or not, it’s common for men to at least use bougie whiskey to dress up their offices or living spaces. For others, it’s a great keepsake. A whisky box subscription is a unique gift that will leave an impression with him regardless.


Less is more with a whiskey box subscription.

Simple is tasteful. Similar to other mail subscription services, our whiskey box sends you a few smaller samples each month. Our goal is to expand your whisky taste from a range of distilleries around the world. Striking the right balance between thoughtful and creative, especially when purchasing it as a gift. We send about four miniatures on par with your taste each month. Although it can vary, as we believe surprise is equally part of the experience. However, we don’t send the same sample more than once.


In conclusion:

We offer a 21st century whisky tasting service that is literally delivered to your door step. Our whiskey tasting box is everything that whiskey lovers have been waiting for. If you’re looking to switch up the gifts you purchase for Christmas this year, our whisky box subscription offers exceptional whisky subscription services.

After all, it’s the little things that create a larger than life experience. Our whisky box subscription isn’t just exquisite– it’s worth a shot!

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