The Perfect Whisky Gift

Almost everyone has at least one whisky lover in their life. It could be your dad, a coworker, your philosophy professor, or a cousin of tenuous connection, but that person exists somewhere in your life. Or maybe you know who it is, and you are on the hunt for the perfect whisky-based gift for a birthday or a holiday. Whatever your reason, you have come to the right place to find a thoughtful, whisky-based gift that is sure to please! Let me introduce you to WhiskyFlavour!

WhiskyFlavour is a whisky subscription box that sends four delicious, smooth, whisky miniatures to your door or the door of the recipient of the gift each month. So, how does it work?

What is WhiskyFlavour?

WhiskyFlavour is, in essence, an investment. Good whisky can be expensive, and sometimes it is simply not a viable option to buy a whole bottle as a gift when the recipient might not enjoy the flavor of the whisky.

For that reason, a subscription box that can be customized to the gift recipients’ likes and wants is a perfect option! WhiskyFlavour allows you to try out the products and whiskeys that come in the box, so you know that your gift will be a slam dunk since the recipient can choose from the four whiskeys which one they want to buy again!

Although WhiskyFlavour is not a gift service, they provide a service where they can deliver the tasting box as a gift, so your recipient feels special and seen!

Why is a Tasting Box the Perfect Whisky Gift?

A tasting box is a perfect whisky gift for whisky lovers. Each box has multiple miniature whisky bottles, which allow the gift recipient to try out several new or different whiskeys. They could find their new favorite, revisit an old classic, or expand their palate to incorporate new flavors and brands of whisky!

Additionally, it saves you plenty of time! We are all busy people, so reducing the time you spend shopping around for a decent gift can be helpful. The tasting box is selected, packaged, gift-wrapped, and shipped by us, so you only need to lift a finger once: to press checkout!

What Products Get Sent?

The products that you enjoy all depend on your tastes and preferences, but the variety of products and whiskeys spread over several categories.

WhiskyFlavour will send at least four miniature original brand whiskeys. Chocolate, cork coasters, and Glencairn glasses occasionally get included, and all of the tasting boxes get sent in reusable, fashionable, wooden boxes that you can use to store the miniature bottles of whiskey when you are not drinking them!

How Many Tasting Boxes Will the Recipient Get?

You can sign up for the person that you are giving the tasting box for one, three, six, or twelve-month subscription. If you choose the one-month subscription, then the gift recipient will receive one tasting box for the month that you subscribed to them for.

If you choose any number of months over one, then they will receive one-tasting box for the number of months that you selected. For example, if you sign the gift recipient up for six months, they will receive six tasting boxes, one each month.

Often, gift-givers will give their loved one a one or three-month subscription, however, if the gift recipient is a die-hard whisky fan, you may want to set yourself up for any other holidays or birthdays by simply signing them up for a year’s supply (twelve-tasting boxes, one per month) and covering all your bases so you do not have to find gifts for each holiday as it comes!

Why WhiskyFlavour?

WhiskyFlavour was started by true whisky lovers, so passion is infused into all that we do. We know how much you love whisky, so we strive to provide the highest quality whiskeys and products at an affordable price that any whisky lover can afford.

Additionally, customer service is at the forefront of our business model. We care about your satisfaction with our service and the quality of our whisky products.

Not only will you know that you are sending a wonderful gift that is special to your loved one, but you will know that the utmost care has gone into all aspects of preparing, packaging, and delivering the tasting box.

Lastly, our prices have affordability in mind. We believe that whisky lovers should not have to pay outrageous prices to enjoy the drinks they love. When a WhiskyFlavour tasting box is gifted, it arrives at the recipients’ door looking expensive and fancy. You get a great deal on great products, and the gift recipient feels valued!

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