Take a Journey Around the World with Whisky

Whisky had been around for hundreds of years. Its origins began in Scotland, where it was distilled by farmers in the highlands until modernization spread it beyond the borders of the small country. This well-known alcoholic beverage is made from a variety of grains that are fermented and then aged in wooden casks.

But did you know that not all whisky has to be Scottish? Nowadays, unique expressions of the classic alcoholic beverage hail from many different continents. These distinct varieties can come from the American South, where whisky is a key part of country music culture, or even France, where the Cognac region puts a unique French twist on the classic Scottish drink. In fact, a great way to experience different cultures from the comfort of your home is to try whiskies from distinct corners of the world.

For a journey around the world with just a glass of whisky, we recommend trying out the following types of international whiskies.


William Wolf Rye

Hailing from the Netherlands, you can start off your journey from whisky’s roots in Scotland on the same continent with this whisky. This Dutch whisky is surprisingly sweet with notes of citrus and tropical flavors.


Sierra Norte

This Mexican whisky is a delightfully fresh mix of orange and honey tastes. Whether you are ready for a fiesta or a siesta, we highly recommend this beverage for a taste of Mexico.


Yoichi Single Malt

Japan, traditionally known as the home of sake, plays host to quite a few delicious types of whisky. The Yoichi Single Malt is smooth as satin, a satisfying fusion of citrus, brine, and earthiness. However, if you are looking for a more delicate Japanese whisky, you should try Hibiki Japanese Harmony. Simultaneously fruity and smoky, this whisky will have you wondering how soon you can book a one-way ticket to the Eastern hemisphere.



This whisky lives down under in the beautifully rugged country of Australia. With a distinct maltiness, this whisky is undeniably modern and worth a sip or two (or three).


Bain’s Cape Mountain Grain

South Africa, though located thousands of miles away from Scotland, knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to distilling whisky. This drink is indulgently saccharine, boasting a delectable blend of butterscotch, toffee, and fudge.



Fun fact: India consumes more whisky than any other country on the planet. It is no wonder why with an Indian whisky as delicious as this one, whose namesake means “nectar of the Gods” in Sanskrit.

Spirit of Hven Hvenus Rye

Take a metaphorical trip to Scandinavia with this Swedish whisky. Tasting sweetly of cream soda, this whisky offers a mouthwatering palette of spices.


Expanding Your Whisky Experience

Thankfully, you don’t need to grab your passport and pack a bag to taste the diverse range of whiskies we listed above. Thanks to the internet, you have the option to purchase a bottle of whisky from the other side of the globe without even leaving your house.

But wait a minute… wouldn’t that be expensive? Even domestically, a bottle of whisky doesn’t come cheap. Add international shipping to the price tag and your wallet might be begging for mercy. Don’t worry! We have a great solution for you and your bank account.

WhiskyFlavour is a subscription box that allows you to taste a diverse array of whiskies that are shipped right to your front door. It’s designed for adventurous whisky lovers just like you who want the chance to sample as many whiskies as possible without splurging on a full bottle.

Each WhiskyFlavour subscription box comes with 4 miniature bottles of original branded whisky. Not only will this enrich your palette, but it will also satisfy your curiosity for all the many different flavors whisky there can be!

Subscribers have the opportunity to choose between 3, 6, and 12-month subscription plans, or a one-time box if you’re the type of whisky lover who likes to try something out before committing. It is as easy as that! Subscribe to WhiskyFlavour and have a box of 4 distinctive original branded whiskies delivered to you every single month.

Even better, each WhiskyFlavour box comes with exciting extras, like cork coasters, Glencairn glasses, and the perfect snacks to pair with your selection of whiskies.

WhiskyFlavour is also a great gift idea. With the holidays just around the corner, finding a gift for a lucky whisky lover in your family can be as simple as hopping online and buying them a subscription to WhiskyFlavour. Plus, check out our website and our blog for exclusive updates about potential upcoming Black Friday deals.

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