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Many say whisky is an acquired taste and that is probably true. It may take several attempts and tastes to truly appreciate it, and some may become confused and frustrated by its many varieties and variations. However, once acquired, true connoisseurs know that whisky not only allows for a deeper appreciation of this wonderful brown liquor with all its strong/subtle nuances of flavour, sometimes it allows for a deeper appreciation of liquor in general, which is a great thing.

Have a Taste

If you have ever been curious about whisky, the options may seem daunting and perhaps even intimidating. After all, whisky is produced by many countries throughout the world such as Scotland, Japan, Ireland, Canada, etc., all with their own spin on it. Some countries even spell it differently. There is a huge variety of types and options. So where does one begin?

Why Subscribe?

Because of its specialty, whisky can be costly and for those considering trying it, an investment in one bottle, although delicious, may be a deterrent. One way to get more for your money is to try a whisky tasting set subscription such as the ones offered by Whisky Flavour.
A whisky tasting set subscription allows new and seasoned fans to sample several whiskies of different ages and brands, at once without having to commit to one right away. Instead of feeling lost in its great selection, they also give curious fans an opportunity to sample whiskies that are usually out of their price range or are not available where they live.

Whisky Flavour for example, offers three types of monthly whisky subscriptions with boxes containing four original branded miniatures. Each month, subscribers can try four samples to get an idea of their preferences and likes. They are also able to learn and increase their knowledge of whisky’s numerous varieties. Picture how enjoyable it would be to regularly sample flavours curated by whisky lovers intent on offering you the best whiskies available.

For seasoned whisky aficionados, a whisky tasting set can be seen as an enhancement to their repertoire. Fans are given the opportunity to indulge further with samples of perhaps brands or ages that they may have not been privy to before due to lack of availability or accessibility. This is a serious obstacle for those already drawn to whisky’s allure.

For new whisky fans or those that are curious about it, a subscription for whisky tasting sets can be a happy balance. They offer samples that obviously cost less than full bottles which is helpful when determining what they like (and what they will eventually want to invest in), and they are exposed to many types of whisky from around the world.

Get Started

Whether a new or seasoned whisky fan, a whisky tasting set subscription is a must-have. The exposure to so many great brands and types alone is more than worth it. There is nothing like finding a truly great whisky, one that features your preferred smokiness, the perfect alcohol content, flavor notes that makes you feel good inside, and relax you.

Imagine coming home at the end of a long day when nothing seemed to go right, and taking your favourite whisky off the shelf and pouring just the right amount in a glass. You smile at the whisky collection that you have loving acquired over the years, feeling satisfied and proud. And to think, your collection now is customized to you because way back in the day, you subscribed to a monthly whisky tasting set that introduced you to the amazing world of whisky.


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