What to expect in a Whisky Flavour Subscription Box

In living with the ease of the 21st century, subscription services are a dime a dozen. Nearly anything and everything is available to purchase as a monthly box, and it is because people enjoy both receiving packages and surprises. With our Whisky Flavour recurrent subscription service, our customers get these two features as well as knowing that they are receiving the highest-quality product.

Designing A Whisky Flavour Experience

Choosing The Vintage

The mission of whisky flavour is to aid whiskey lovers in seasoning their repertoire, enriching and building a taste collection and know-how on one of the richest, oldest practices in the world. This is by hand-choosing the best quality whiskies that are available in miniature bottles, with each box averaging a weight of 1.5 kilograms of liquid gold.

There are three prepared tasting boxes here at whisky flavour, with ages ranging from 18, 21, to 30 years. Within each box, the whiskeys’ vintage range from ages up to the final year number, meaning the 21-year box comes with nineteen- to twenty-one-year-old whiskey. This gives our clientele a full variety of whiskies to try.

Inside each wooden box comes four beautifully designed and branded miniature bottles of our hand-picked first-rate whiskey. Along with this, comes a corkboard coaster that has the Whisky Flavour logo on it as well as some keep-it-cool whisky stones. Other than a heavy glass, this box holds a complete top-shelve whiskey experience for one to four people.

whisky subscription

Choosing The Timeline

There are four purchasing options for the whisky flavour box: 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. There is no save-scale in buying a larger amount and this is because whisky flavour intends to keep the highest-quality products and customer service. Of course, there is a discount when customers join our Whiskey Tasting Club newsletter.

One box ranges from €73 to €110 to €553, the price varies in accordance with the vintage of the whiskey chosen. And because there is no save-scale, buying a one-month box is made easy. With there being no guilt or stress to buy more than one box, it is that much easier to try the service before subscribing. And it also makes it that much more advantageous because our clients can move between different aged boxes if they so please, or simply purchase in 3, 6, or 12-month increments.

Receiving and Tasting

Once our customers get their box into their hands, they receive exactly what they are expecting. whisky flavour helps Whiskey lovers taste and enjoy new and interesting brands without having to buy entire bottles. People can end of pouring out a dozen or more entire bottles of alcohol before finding the perfect flavour or brand.

Each one of our packages is carefully wrapped, protecting each individual bottle to ensure that no one comes home to a box leaking out gold all over their porch. While this has never happened, our contact page is at both the top and the bottom of our website if it does.

For those who order multiple-month subscription whiskey boxes, it turns novices into connoisseurs with the number of enriching and different brands and types of whiskies that are available to receive. The novelty boxes are crafted from light-coloured wood and are designed with a modern and minimalistic style, perfect to keep as decorative storage boxes or to use as gift boxes in the future.

Every box holds four hand-picked, whiskey stones, and our branded coaster, each item is intended to create a pleasurable encounter with one of the world’s oldest and finest crafts. Each whisky and malt is chosen for its impeccable taste and sensations such as smell, colour, and general aroma, chosen to widen even the largest of repertoires.

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