Welcome to the family!

Welcome to Whisky Flavour

Welcome to the family!

Welcome to Whisky Flavour. Our website has now been launched and we are super excited for what will come ahead.

First of all, let us just tell you how to get around. You can order your whisky tasting box for any amount of time you like. You can choose from three different tasting sets accordingly how old you like your whisky or the tasting box you’d like to taste.

Second, we want to set a new tone on how new and old brands and types of whiskies are available to you and others  whisky lovers, so we are interested in creating a community where all members can be involved with their opinions, requests, reviews and tips.

So, always feel free to share with us and in the comments below your expertise about whisky.

Tell us below if you are just as excited as we are!

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