What Exactly is a Whisky Subscription Box

Whisky miniatures with a whisky glass, marble cubes and a coaster inside a wooden box

Subscription Box Services

It all started with books and CDs, but now you can find yourself signing up for a subscription box service that will deliver just about anything to your doorstep once a month, right after they take your payment – even a whisky subscription box.

If you are unfamiliar with how these services work, it is quite simple. You pay a monthly fee for a service, which is the subscription, and then a product is delivered to you every month.

These companies offer solutions for people to sort of streamline their spending or their shopping and have consistency in some of their routines.

We have now seen subscription box services come out for books, CDs, hygiene products, chef-cooked meals, and now even whisky comes in the form of subscription boxes.

Whisky Flavour Subscription Box


The benefits of having a whisky subscription box

The most interesting thing about subscription box services is that they actually provide the customer with a lot of opportunities not only to enjoy the product but to learn about the product as well.

Here’s the advantages of subscribing a whisky tasting box:


1. Educational value

With a subscription from Whisky Flavour, you can find yourself learning more about whisky whether you are a whisky rookie or a veteran drinker yourself.


2. Consistency in shopping and spending

Having the whisky subscription box service also allows you to receive different products each month all for the same cost. This is something that people don’t always do when shopping at a store because people like to keep their spending fairly consistent and take on a “why try something new” type of attitude.


3. Variety

Whisky Flavour will also give you a variety of products that you may not be able to get at a store in your area. It is nice to be able to expand your horizons with these products, and it ties back into the educational value that you are getting with a subscription box service.


4. Collectibles

Perhaps the coolest thing about a whisky subscription service is that you will be able to collect these items in perpetuity. That’s something that you can’t necessarily do with men’s razors or the vast majority of food items.


Whisky subscription box from whisky flavour


How does the service work?

Each Whisky Flavour Box contains four original branded miniatures of whisky for you to try out.

They are sent out in beautifully designed boxes to keep up with the times since one of the company’s core values is to stay modern.

When signing up, you will have the option to choose to receive a whisky subscription box for a month, three months, six months, or twelve months. The longer you stick around, the less you will find yourself spending each month.


Who is this whisky subscription box good for?

Whisky lovers, of course!

Anyone that is a fan of whisky would benefit from signing up for a box of it every month right? But it isn’t only good for whisky lovers themselves. These boxes could make great gifts for someone you know and love.

After all, one of the best things about drinking whisky is being able to enjoy it with someone else! So you can always consider getting a subscription service like this one for your friends or family around the holidays, or maybe for their birthday.

That is the situation where it could benefit to use the one-month subscription. Give the people that you love the most to chance to try out some whisky miniatures, and then maybe you’ll find yourself enjoying that gift for months down the road.


Whisky miniatures with a whisky glass, marble cubes and a coaster inside a wooden box


What are you waiting for?

Hopefully, that covers everything that you need to know about a subscription-box service, especially one that has whisky in it. 

Let’s recap. 

When you buy a whisky subscription box from Whisky Flavour, you will be delivered a box each month that contains four branded miniatures of whisky inside of it. 

This will provide you with the opportunity to try a variety of different whisky products, learn more about whisky, and enjoy these products with your friends and your family. 

Having the service also provides you with the benefit of being able to streamline your shopping and spending habits.

You will know exactly how much money is being put into whisky each month, and that number will remain consistent. 

So if you want to free yourself from the stress of going to the store, searching through different products, looking at price tags, comparing, and then ultimately deciding on the same old whisky you bought last month, then Whisky Flavour is a great idea for you. 

The variety of the value that you get from being a member cannot be beaten.

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