Whiskey for Valentine’s Day

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We are only three weeks for Valentine. It is the perfect time to start planning for the gift for your loved one. With WhiskyFlavour we over you a variety of different packages that will delight anyone who enjoys whisky. Let us explain a bit of who we are and why you should choose us.

Whisky Flavour – The Story behind the brand

The brand came alive because of the love for whisky. For this reason, the link between Whisky Flavour and Valentine’s Day is even stronger. We wanted to experience more and to know more types of whiskeys and their variance. This had to be in the most convenient and most affordable way possible.

When you are on the path of discovery, sometimes it is hard to purchase several different normal sized bottles. They are expensive and you might just not like a specific one. What do you do when this happens? Waste a full bottle? Alternatively, simply drink it out of necessity? Although the most common bottles are easy and accessible, as you start to uncover the world of whisky, you might find that most bottles are only sold online, and this means that on top of its price, you need to spend on shipping as well. Overall, the cost might be too high to bear for a simple trial.

For the above reasons, a group of whisky lovers decided to create a unique brand that would bring whisky worldwide at a reasonable price. We offer you packages of tasting bottles that vary in age and type. There is not a long-term compromise as you can choose for how long you which your subscription to continue. There are no hidden costs, no fees, or anything that might get you doubtful. We offer you a straight package that includes some surprises and whisky samples.

Whisky Flavour, better than any other whisky subscription

What makes Whisky Flavour different from any other whisky subscription box? Why choose us?

We believe that in order for you to know exactly what you are drinking, you deserve to have the original bottles. We collaborate with the best whisky brand to give you miniature original bottles for you to sample. With us, you know exactly what you are drinking.

Our packages, offer with the samples, different surprise gifts that may vary between cup holders with our brand or ice cubes that will not melt once you pour your drink. These will stay with you forever and you can enjoy later with the whiskeys you truly enjoyed.

So now you may ask, how to proceed with the purchase?

Our Website

Head to our website – https://www.whiskyflavour.com/ where you will find a quick and easy website. We like to keep things simple so that you enter and head straightway for what you are looking for.

Shop button

Once you arrive to our website, head to the Shop button where you will find the three whisky flavour subscription boxes:

Whisky Subscription Box

  • Whisky Flavour 18 Years
  • Whisky Flavour 21 Years
  • Whisky Flavour 30 Years

In each package you can choose the amount of time you which to purchase the subscription. This is entirely up to you, and once the boxes reach your subscription time, it is over. As we said, there are no hidden fees or obligations.

Time frame

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

Add to chart

Once you choose your package, add to the chart and continue. You will need to add your details so that our team can start preparing your boxes. Note that depending on where you are, the period to receive the boxes might differ. We recommend for you to start not if you are looking to purchase one for Valentine’s Day.

And voilá! All done in easy quick steps from the comfort of your home.

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