Food Lovers: A Whisky Recipe part 6

Jack Daniels drink

Tomorrow is Sunday, which means that it is the perfect day for a roast. You probably have already your family secret recipe to make the perfect roast. Chicken, Lamb, Pork or Beef roast always need a side dish. Normally you would make some roasted potatoes, or a winter salad or even the traditional English Yorkshire puddings. These go perfectly with any type of roast. However, today we have decided to give you a recipe for a new side dish. A side dish that will be cooked with the most incredible spirit – our so loved whisky. Here we would recommend using a whisky that has a depth in flavour and spices that will bring the best out of this side dish. Today the hero ingredient is Jack Daniels together with the ever-loved carrot.

For kids and grownups, we give you a new way to eat your carrots with your family, at a very traditional Sunday Roast. An easy recipe that can even be cooked during the week, giving your kids a way to eat their veggies. Yes, it has whisky, but because it is cooked, all the alcohol will go away, leaving its true flavours behind.

Whiskey-Glazed Carrots

This recipe serves around 6-8 people and will take you from prep to cook time, around half an hour. Quick and delicious, as you all deserve.


  • 1 stick of butter (or 8 tbsp.)
  • 2 pounds of carrots (peeled and cut into ½ inch pieces)
  • ¾ cup whiskey (Jack Daniels)
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • Salt & ground black pepper
  • 2 sprigs fresh thyme

How to

  1. In a large skillet, melt half of the butter stick (or 4 tbsps.) over high heat with the lid on. Once melted, add half of the carrots and stir them around until they are brown. This will take around one minute. Remove these to a plate and repeat the process with the remaining carrots. Do not add the butter at this time. The skillet will still have a bit of the butter used previously.
  2. In the same skillet, pour the whiskey. If you are cooking in an open flame, keep your eyes on it so it does not burnout. Note that this is a quick process pay attention to your whiskey. Let the whiskey bubble up and cook it until it is slightly reduced. Again, a quick process that will take around 3 minutes. Now, reduce the heat from high to medium low. Add the other ½ stick of butter (or 4 tbsps.) and stir it until it has melted.
  3. Once the butter had melted, add the brown sugar and a bit of salt and ground black pepper. Add the leaved of one sprig of thyme and the carrots. The previous process was to make a sort of a whiskey caramel, which will give the carrots a delicious sweet sauce. Reduce the heat from medium to low and place the lid on the skillet. Let it cook for another five minutes.
  4. Remove the lid and let it cook for another five minutes.
  5. Serve the carrots with the remaining thyme sprig and enjoy with your main course.

whiskey carrots

Here you go, a delicious side dish that will delight everyone. This will be a star at your Sunday lunch and as you can see, it is easy enough to make during the week too.

As you all know, we love you give you exciting new recipes. Next time, we will give you a delicious glaze that can be added to a main. With these carrots, everyone will believe that whiskey is his or her new favourite ingredient.

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