Whiskey: the Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

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Whiskey: the Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

It might not be the first idea that crosses your mind, but whiskey is the perfect gift for friends or family on special occasions. Your first thought might be this: he, she, or they are not whiskey drinkers. Think again!

Just like tea, coffee, beer, or wine, there are many types of whiskey.  A lot of people get off to a bad start and sip on something that doesn’t suit them. Then they assume that they’re “not whiskey drinkers”. But this is irrational. Imagine being offered any old tea and then dismissing tea on the basis of one cup.

The fact is that whiskies vary hugely in flavor, so often it’s only a question of finding the right one. In this wee dram of an article, we’ll look at a few whiskies to suit all palates.

Those who are already converted will know that whiskies are divided into two types: single malts and blended. A single malt is a whisky made at only one distillery, whereas a blended whiskey is a blend of two or more malts from different distilleries. Scotch is Scottish whiskey and Bourbon is American whiskey. Bourbon is not a malt.

Let’s look at five whiskies that might make the perfect gift for special occasions:

  • Auchentoshan (12 years old): this triple-distilled single malt Scotch whisky is matured for over twelve years and has a smooth, sweet, and delicate taste that suits the untrained palate.
  • Maker’s Mark (6 years old): this sweet Bourbon whiskey from Kentucky is a beautiful way to break into the world of whiskey and makes a great gift for newbies. This one has a rich, soft, vanilla and fruit flavor that goes down like a treat.
  • Ballantine’s Blended Scotch Whiskey (17 years old): unlike many blended whiskies, this award-winning tipple is known for its refinement. It’s the favorite blend of many a connoisseur but accessible to the less experienced palate.
  • Glen Grant (18 years old): this double-distilled single malt Scotch whiskey has a refined vanilla and caramel taste with a spicy finish. The intricate flavors will appeal to sophisticated palates.
  • Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch (4 years old): sweet corn flavors blend with rye and cinnamon in this multi-award-winning bourbon. There’s a rich, creamy vanilla finish.

Now that you know how diverse whiskey can be, why not treat someone to a bottle on their special day?

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