Explore the World of Malts with a Whiskey Subscription Box

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Explore the World of Malts with a Whiskey Subscription Box

You are probably aware of the popular types of whiskies from around the world. The leader is undoubtedly Scotch, be it single malts or blends. In America, both bourbon and rye whiskies enjoy phenomenal popularity. Irish whiskey has its own fan following. Are these the only whiskies on the scene?


The Significance of the Whiskey Subscription Box

You will be amazed at the diversity in the world of whisky, or whiskey if you want the American spelling. Right from the choice of grain to the method of distillation, the blending of malts to the specifics of cask maturation, everything has a domino effect on the taste, flavor, price and availability or rarity of a whiskey. Such extensive diversity brings us to a fundamental question. How many types of whiskies have you tasted? Surely, not all!

This leads to a more pragmatic question. Can you grab a bottle of any whiskey you want from your neighborhood liquor store? There are stores in major cities that have almost every popular whiskey in the country and from around the world but even they do not have every special edition or rare cask that stands out from everything you may have tasted or might taste in the future. As you climb up the ladder of quality and progress from ready availability to rarity, the price of whiskey skyrockets. It is not always possible to buy bottles of such whiskies. All these practical challenges bring us to the utility of the whiskey subscription box.


The Fascinating World of Malts

Malt whisky, as it is spelled in Scotland, is the most treasured in the world. Malting is an elaborate process. The malts are usually of barley and the process is extensively time consuming, demanding in a strictly physical sense and despite the advent of state of the art systems including automation, there is a need to adhere to the old school techniques. No matter how advanced we are with our technology, we are yet to speed up or reverse ageing. You cannot speed up the ageing of a whiskey, neither do we have an alternative to casks and barrels nor do we know of any agent that will churn out a fine whiskey from a grain with some unexplained magic.

The world of malts becomes more fascinating as you consider the variants. Some whiskies are distilled once, some are distilled twice and some are distilled thrice. Column stills were widely used till about ten years ago but now all manufacturers have been compelled to use pot still distillation. Single malt whiskies are more popular but they are not assuredly aged for a really long time. Some single malt whiskies may be aged for the minimum period. Those aged longer may be expensive. If you wish to explore this ever expanding world, then you need a clever way to navigate through all the expensive options while trying whichever whiskey pleases you or draws your attention. A whiskey subscription box is a fitting solution for a connoisseur.


Beyond the Scottish Malts

Irish whiskey or American whiskey may not be as famous around the world, yet both have their star players. The choice of grain may not be barley but corn or rye. There may be some other grains included in the concoction. It could be bourbon or liqueur, as is the case when you travel from Kentucky or Tennessee across the pond to Ireland. There are many expensive and rare Irish and American whiskies as well, which may not be scotch, but are in a league of their own. You are unlikely to find every gem of an American whiskey in every store of the country. A whiskey subscription box is your gateway.

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