Absolute Dont’s for Connoisseurs of Whiskey

whisky and weight gain

Absolute Dont’s for Connoisseurs of Whiskey, Vulnerable to Weight Gain

Foodies have a lifelong battle against weight gain. Everyone who is naturally obese will have to be perpetually cautious of their lifestyle, diet and indulgences. Chefs have to be doubly conscious of the size of the serving of every food they taste and what they otherwise eat throughout the day. Likewise, connoisseurs of whiskey should watch their body mass index as they are often vulnerable to what we like to call whiskey and weight gain.

There are some people who are gifted with a phenomenally high metabolic rate and very few fat cells. You should know that the adult or middle aged human body doesn’t create new fat cells. The number of fat cells in the human body stabilizes during adolescence and almost remains unchanged throughout adulthood and old age. It is only the size of the fat cells that undergoes a change, resulting in weight gain or weight loss. Of course a person can gain weight with bigger and stronger muscles or lose weight by losing mass in the muscles instead of fat.

Since connoisseurs should be conscious of the correlation between whiskey and weight gain, here are some absolute don’ts to stay healthy.

  • Do not pick up a drink in the evening immediately after a workout. Do not ever follow up an exercise with a peg of whiskey, or any alcoholic drink for that matter. You should also avoid having a soda or any sugared beverage. The human body is in a calorie deficit mode immediately after exercise. It must remain so if the objective is to burn fat or one must eat something healthy to ensure only essential nutrients are available for the body and not unnecessary calories to further enlarge the fat cells. When you consume alcohol when your body is already craving for calories, it will extract all the sugar and carbohydrate from the whiskey, some of which will be burned for energy and the rest will be stored in the liver. Some of the excess calories will be used to feed the fat cells.
  • Do not combine fine whiskey with calorie rich fluids. If you have a beer or some other drink early in the evening, you may still have a whiskey later. But once you have started drinking whiskey, do not hit the beers, tequila shots or cocktails. Do not blend your fine whiskey with sodas or any diluting fluid other than ice or water. You do not need the additional calories available in sodas, colas and other drinks. You would notice that cocktails rarely use fine whiskey. This is because fine whiskey is in a league of its own. It doesn’t need any refinement in taste or flavor with the help of other drinks.
  • Do not binge drink, even if it is the finest whiskey in the country. Whiskey is often drank neat, especially the best brands and bottles with the right age. If you binge drink a fine whiskey, which anyway has a higher alcohol content than beers or other lighter drinks, then you are going to consume much more calories than you intend. Once the body fails to keep up with the speed of whiskey intake and metabolize all of it, the additional calories will be stored as fat by the liver. Should this become habitual, the liver will get fatter, there will be a significant impact on bodyweight and the health will suffer too.

Fine whiskey, when drank in moderation and slowly, will always give you a kick and you will enjoy the subtle high. Fine whiskey will not knock you off your feet immediately. Attempting to get high quickly with fine whiskey is unwise.

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