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Whisky Best Christmas gift

We all have that friend who nudges you to join him for her for a shot or two of whiskey. You end up having more than ten shots that you dread the next day. However, the time spent enjoying this drink with them was well worth it! The whiskey too, was brilliant!

So, if you treasure this someone, and some occasion is coming up (a birthday/anniversary/promotions) why not repay their kindness by getting them a whiskey present?


Below we walk you through some whiskey present ideas worth thinking about;


Wax Dipped Whiskey Glasses

The gentleman’s Glassware company introduced the 4Pc set of special hand-dipped glasses in a black polymer that makes them achieve the dripping wax look. The glasses are durable and are the perfect gift for a great man.


Personalized Whiskey Decanter

A personalized Whiskey Decanter set is another ideal gift. You get to choose the name to be engraved on the decanter, and it comes with a matching pair of glasses. Why not choose this gift for that special man in your life?

As a gift, the decanter comes with a topped square glass stopper; it’s heavy, has a solid base and holds 28oz. Each glass can hold 250ml, and you can throw in a bottle of his favorite whiskey to blow him away!


Whiskey Ice Ball

Many of us go wrong by just pouring whiskey into a plain glass, I mean, most of the brands are aged in wooden barrels that help it soak and lock in flavors.

To keep a bit of these flavors intact a whiskey ball mold is an ideal gift that will keep the whiskey at the right temperature.

The ice mold has a spherical silhouette that lowers the surface area as it maximizes the whiskey volume. Its design helps the ice cube inside melt slower, leaving the drink undiluted.

The ice mold is designed with a leak-proof element, flattened bottom, and water fill-line to ensure it remains at a perfect 2.5”.


Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker is not only a thoughtful whiskey present but a multipurpose one. The shaker can be used to mix anything.

The mixture club cocktail shaker is a great gift that can be used in making all types of alcoholic drinks, including some whiskey-based cocktails! The cocktail shaker can be handled with ease and is designed with a tight seal that keeps liquids inside.

Get a cocktail shaker with multicolor silicone holders that protects the shaker from slipping and your fingers from freezing.


Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky

An ideal present for the whiskey connoisseur in your life. The jerky is basted with a variety of flavors and then gets soaked in Bulleit bourbon whiskey overnight.

It’s then slowly smoked in an old smokehouse using Texan pecan wood to make it achieve a bold campfire flavor. Every piece is hand cut and sealed to retain its freshness.

Some of the ingredients used to maximize flavors include Lemon pepper, corn syrup, soy sauce, Texas Pecan smoke, Black pepper, Sugar, Whiskey, Onion, etc.


Dark Roast Whiskey Barrel Coffee

We all know how whiskey and coffee make a perfect pair! Get a perfect whiskey present dark roast that is full body, smokey, dark chocolate, is smooth and comes with the essence of fine bourbon.

The best way to enjoy this gift is by French press brewing that produces the maximum flavor. It also works great for an espresso!


Laphroaig 18-Year-old Scotch

Nothing makes a better whiskey present than a bottle of the whiskey itself. The Laphroaig scotch whiskey is an ideal gift.

The 18-Year-Old bottle retains the oak sweetness and will make everyone sipping it not only treasure the gift but drink from it during the special occasions!

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