Snacks That Compliment Whiskey

There has been an ongoing debate as to whether or not snacks with whiskey go together. It has always been considered somewhat strange to eat food while drinking a glass of whisky. It’s important to mention that this was only an issue in the United States, it has always been considered normal in Asian and European countries. However, recently, people in America are beginning to get used to the idea of having a snack with a glass of whisky. Here are a selection of great tasting snacks with whiskey:


  • Cheese: These two delicacies have a lot in common. They are both available in a variety of flavors and they are both aged. Cheese is more suited to a smoky flavored whisky. Strong blue cheese works well with whiskeys of a more spicy flavor. Goat or brie cheese which is a bit softer works well with whiskeys with a light fragrance that has a slight sweetness to it.
  • Apple Pie or Apple Crumble: Sounds like a bit of an odd combination, but this tasty dessert is absolutely delicious with a whiskey with a light fragrance that has a hint of sweetness. American bourbon whiskeys with their high rye content also work well with this dessert because of their caramel flavors.
  • Dark Chocolate: Whisky and chocolate complement each other extremely well. The best chocolate to go for is dark sour chocolate, the higher the quality, the better the taste. You can spend some time experimenting to find out which chocolates and whiskeys work the best together. Dark chocolate with an orange flavor works well with Scotch because of its citrus note. Strong whiskeys go well with plain dark chocolate and rye whiskeys taste great with milk chocolates that are either plain or with a hint of chilli or ginger. Single malt scotch works well with salted hazelnut chocolates.
  • Dried Fruits and Nuts: You will need to pay attention to the flavor of nuts that compliment your whiskey. Heavily roasted nuts go well with smoky flavored whiskeys, strong peaty whisky’s go well with sweeter nuts, and bitter nuts go well with sweeter whiskeys.
  • Smoked Salmon: This tasty fish works well with high rye content whiskeys, the salmons smoky flavour gives the bourbon a fruity, spicy taste. Both flavors marry together very well as a great snacks with whiskey.
  • Grilled Steak: There is nothing better than a big juicy piece of grilled steak, you can never go wrong with this pairing. Medium bodied rich whiskey’s work really well with steaks, the deep smoky flavour of whisky really compliments beef. However, you will need to spend a bit of time experimenting with seasoning that you put on your steak as well as the amount of fat you leave on it. For example, a leaner steak tastes really good with a bourbon flavored whisky.
  • Meatloaf: A healthy meatloaf topped with barbeque sauce tastes delicious with strong whiskeys. The spiciness and high alcohol content of full-bodied whiskeys such as a rye or single malt whiskey goes great with fatty, rich dishes such as meatloaf.


As great as whiskey tastes, you will enjoy it much more if you pair it with some tasty snacks. You don’t need to be a whisky or a food connoisseur to get the flavorings right, experiment and have some fun, you will soon find out what works best for your palette. This article has only just scratched the surface about the foods that compliment whiskey, there are loads more that you can experiment with. So, spend some time doing a bit of research and really dig into finding the best foods that go with whiskey, you are sure to come up with some great snacks with whiskey finds.

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