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Highlighting the big benefits of a whisky box monthly subscription

If you have been thinking about signing up for a whisky box monthly subscription, you’re likely trying to figure out whether or not the benefits and advantages of this subscription outweigh the monthly cost.

And while you are often times able to purchase a low-level bottle of whisky for less than a single whisky box monthly subscription might run you (if you don’t mind drinking swill), the benefits of this subscription program often far outweigh the costs and might be the only way you get to enjoy some really special options.


Here are three of the biggest benefits you will get out of your whisky box monthly subscription!


Try out whisky that you wouldn’t have tried otherwise

The coolest thing about whisky subscriptions is that they are going to spend time curating different types of whisky to send you on a regular basis, picking and choosing from amongst the world’s best whisky and coming up with monthly collections that go nicely with one another, celebrate a particular theme, or represent some of the rarer options on the market today.

This kind of subscription is going to expose you to more different kinds of whisky than you ever imagined, really opening up your pallet and helping you find new favorites.


Enjoy exclusive or limited-edition whisky at a fraction of the price

Because the whisky bottles included in these monthly subscriptions are usually much smaller than your traditional bottle, you are going to get the opportunity to enjoy exclusive and limited-edition whisky options at a fraction of the price you would have had to spend for a shot at your favorite bar or a bottle at your local liquor store.

It’s pretty tough to spend hundreds of dollars on a bottle of whisky that you haven’t tried before, but your whisky box monthly subscription will often include smaller bottles of the same whisky that helps make these kinds of decisions much easier later down the line.


Get a great reason to get together with old friends or make new ones

Sure, you could always enjoy the bottles in your whisky box monthly subscription all on your own – but these subscriptions are also a great reason to get together with old friends that love whisky or to make new friends and network with new people over a shared passion.


You’ll be able to get the gang together every month when new boxes come in, enjoying and sharing notes about the whisky options that you get to try that month.

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