How the Oak Barrel Impacts the Quality of Scotch

Oak Barrel

How the Oak Barrel Impacts the Quality of Scotch

One of the most important factors to define the quality of a Scotch is related to aging. It is common notion that older whiskies are better than the younger ones. Of course there are several other factors that define the quality of scotch and there are some new whiskies better than others with more age. However in most cases the Scotch’s aging will impart characteristics that make it better more refined and with intense flavors.


Why aging in oak barrel improves scotch?

The oak like any other wood is porous. That is when put a Scotch in oak barrels for some years the beverage will burn into the wood and that way absorbing some of its features. This will give the whisky some oak notes. The longer the Scotch stay within the barrel the better the flavor.


In addition to the impregnation of the flavors of wood aging in oak barrel will soften the Scotch. This happens because during the aging period a portion of the alcohol evaporates thereby making a less strong and a milder tasted whisky. Once bottled Scotch stops aging so it is essential to age in oak barrel to set its taste.


Did you know that…

… There are distilleries using barrels made from European oak and others with American oak?

… There are whiskies aged in oak barrels that were previously used for aging beverages such as sherry or bourbon providing the whisky a unique flavor?

… The amount of alcohol that evaporates during the aging stage is given the name “portion of the angel”?

… Many of the oak barrels used to age the Scotch are burned in order to provide a unique taste and at the same time help purify the beverage?

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