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Have you always wanted to try whisky but felt it was a little intimidating? Maybe the varieties and their properties left you feeling confused. Or are you already a fan that is interested in discovering all that whisky has to offer? Besides the different kinds like bourbons, scotches, single malts, and blends, many countries produce it and put their own spin on it like Japan, Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. Then there are all the different ages. There is really a lot learn to truly appreciate this flavorful liquor and at Whisky Flavour, we want to make it easier for you.


Get Started

Whisky Flavour was started to introduce whisky fans to many brands without having to commit to an expensive bottle or one that once purchased, was no longer desired. Unfortunately, that can happen. However, through its monthly subscription box, similar to a whisky of the month club, Whisky Flavour subscribers are given samples of four original miniature whiskies to try. Since no one one whisky is perfect for everyone (though many distillers would argue for theirs), a monthly subscription box gives subscribers the opportunity to discern exactly what they like without spending or investing a lot. The samples are also the perfect size to try alone or with friends and family. They make great gifts.


How it Works

Signing up is easy. Simply go to the Whisky Flavour website at whiskyflavour.com and click on “Shop” at the top of the page. You will then be asked to select one of three types of whisky of the month club subscription boxes based on your age of whisky preference: 18, 21, and 30 years. Determine your preference as well as the frequency of delivery: monthly, quarterly, every six months, or yearly.

Very thorough descriptions are provided for each subscription on the Whisky Flavour website so that subscribers know exactly what they will receive. All that is left is for you to hit ENTER and soon a selection of carefully curated whiskies will be delivered to your door in an attractive wooden box that also makes a great keepsake or storage. It is that simple.


Why Subscribe?

Whisky Flavour was created for whisky lovers by whisky lovers. Their mission is to expose fellow fans to as many great whiskies as they can and they are intent on delivering a quality service that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Let us face it, indulging in this brown liquor can get expensive. The aging process alone is quite extensive for many brands and that dictates a higher price point. Aficionados already know this but that does not mean that if there was a more affordable way to imbibe it, they would not take advantage of the opportunity. A whisky of the month club subscription is a cost-effective way to indulge in a new interest or further enjoy an old one.

The Whisky Flavour website also offers extensive information and features a blog not just about whisky, but food pairings like whisky with cheese; cocktail recipes; suggestions for special occasion drinks like for Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day; and much more. You may get lost in the wealth of information the site has to offer. Let them be your guide and try one of their subscription boxes. Or why not alternate among the different boxes? A Whisky Flavour subscription box is an easy, affordable way to experience variety.


And Finally…

When your box does arrive, you have a few options. You could grab a few tasting glasses and pour the miniatures into them then check your refrigerator for cheeses or fruits and design a delicious charcuterie platter for the perfect food pairing, or you could invite a special someone over, create some ambiance with mood lighting and soft music, and share an intimate tasting. Maybe a friend has also been curious about whisky and you gift them with a subscription. The possibilities are endless. Give the Whisky Flavour subscription box a try today. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

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