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The Importance of Having the Perfect Whisky for Every Occasion and how a whisky subscription can help you build the quintessential collection

As any whisky lover worthy of the title will tell you , we live in the golden age of the golden nectar. Whisky is on the rise, and gone are the days when people would rather sip on a Gin & Tonic after work or order a watered down Cubalibre at their local bar.

Even Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry know this to be true. One must only take a look at how often the publicists of Mad Men, the star lawyers of Suits or the top dog investors in Billions pour themselves a nice dram of Scotch – whether it be to celebrate victory or to drown their sorrows.

But this is fortunately not restricted to the realm of rich and powerful fiction characters, and any of us regular men and women have access to a seemingly infinite array of options when it comes to purchasing whisky and building a collection.

Getting started in the world of whisky is now easier than it has ever been before – and all of that without breaking the bank.

In fact, there are so many choices to be made and so much information to look up that it is also easier than ever to reach a state of analysis paralysis and end up not knowing what to buy or making the wrong choice.

Talk about first world problems.

Whisky is, after all,  a complex juice that should be judged in context of the situation, and every whisky has its place and moment. Therefore, having the right whisky for each occasion has become one of the main worries of whisky aficionados worldwide, who certainly understand they will want to pour a different dram depending on whether they’re watching a football game or toasting with their father in law.

In short, a whisky collection makes a whisky man, and having a wide range of options at your disposal should always be a concern.

Fortunately, contemporary whisky lovers can count on a weapon that previous generations of like minded people could only dream of: a Whisky Subscription

Whisky Flavour’s monthly subscription is the absolute best way to fire up your whisky collection and build some serious depth – why spend a big chunk of your budget on a single bottle when you can instead receive a few different samples at your doorstep for the same price?

Obviously, a whisky subscription service is not for those who are content and satisfied with having a single bottle of Red Label or Jack Daniels in their kitchen, but for the more advanced drinkers who can appreciate the gourmand quality of a 18, 21 or 30 year old masterpiece.

Whisky Flavour comes with 3 tiers when choosing your monthly sub, and it will cater to all whisky lovers, no matter what your profile or budget is.


Tier 1: WF-18

Perfect for the initiate who has just realised supermarkets can not cater to his more refined whisky needs, this subscription box comes with various samples of 18 year old whisky that will allow you to expand your knowledge on single malts, blended juices and whisky pairings.


Tier 2: WF-21

Especially indicated for those who have been enjoying 10-18 year old whiskys for a while and can tell a local bar’s Jim Beam from a 10yo Glenrothes or a smokier dram from Islay. This is the next step, a box filled with 21yo whisky samples that will feel like happiness in a bottle.

Are you ready for a tasting party with your closest friends?


Tier 3: WF-30

Not for the faint of heart or the uninitiated, this box is the holy grail of every whisky lover, and you won’t even have to go on a pilgrimage to find it!

Packed with only the top-notch 30 year old whisky available in the market, this subscription tier is what differentiates a whisky aficionado from a true connoisseur.

Be wary though, once you open this door there will probably be no way back!

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