How to Choose a Whisky Subscription Box

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A whisky subscription box is your gateway to new tastes and finer pleasures. If you are someone who cherishes fine whisky and wants to indulge in different experiences then you should choose a whisky subscription and carefully select a box that shall satiate your preferences. Every whisky drinker has a range of preferences. It is true that such preferences are often common among connoisseurs but you may have a distinct taste. For instance, there are many who do not like blends and there are some who are not very fond of single malts. Likewise, there are those who do not like bourbon and some might be averse to the grains used in classic scotch.

  • Choosing a whisky subscription box does not have to be difficult. All you have to do is be aware of the kinds of brands you can choose from. The first thing to decide is the frequency of the order. You can get a box delivered every month. You can have one delivered once in three months. You can choose monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual subscription based on your needs. The cost is proportionate so you need to do the math as well. If you have never tried a subscription before then you can get started with just a month and then decide if you want to continue. Committing to a yearlong supply of whisky is not necessary if you are unsure. As you decide the frequency of the order, it is time to choose the quality of whisky you want.
  • Whisky Flavor has three distinct options for connoisseurs. You can choose eighteen years, twenty one years and thirty years. It should be noted that whisky aged eighteen years is a premium drink. You are perhaps aware that scotch is aged for a minimum of three years. This is mandated by law or the liquor cannot be labeled as scotch and hence cannot be sold as such. There are distinct ageing requirements for different types of whisky. Some variants taste best when they are aged for eight years. Some concoctions are amazing when they are aged for twelve years. It is widely accepted that whisky aged for eighteen years and more is exquisitely superior to the normal ones you get to shop for at the stores nearby.
  • You can choose eighteen years for your whisky subscription box. You may very well go for twenty one years or thirty years. The cost will rise proportionately. Whisky aged for thirty years is expensive. You will get the finest whisky the world has to offer. The oldest whisky bottles in the world range from fifty years to over a hundred and fifty years. These are of course the rarest of the rare bottles. There are quite a few that are aged for fifty years but just a handful that are older. Eighteen or twenty one to thirty years is a period that is sufficient to give you an unprecedented tasting. You can choose the age depending on your preference or what you want to indulge in. You may also let the cost influence your decision.
  • The ultimate step of choosing a whisky subscription box is to meticulously learn about the specific brands. As a subscriber and more importantly as a connoisseur, you must be able to find the most relevant brands, originals and flavors. Every fine whisky has a distinct texture and flavor. You will come across bottles that you have never tasted before but you should know a fair bit about the brands to have a fair idea of what to expect, that is unless you are comfortable going in blind for a wonderful surprise.

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