7 Johnnie Walker Labels You Should Taste

Glass of Johnnie Walker Red Label

You’ve seen it everywhere, and so you know that the best-selling scotch around is Johnnie Walker. That’s no surprise because the Johnnie Walker Labels have been around for more than 200 years. Johnnie Walker is a premium brand that offers you prestigious, top quality, award-winning labels of blended scotch whiskies that are available almost everywhere.

Whether you’re just stocking your liquor cabinet or shopping for the perfect gift for a friend or for your boss, you can’t go wrong with any of the several Johnnie Walker labels. Being a blended scotch, they might have a trick up their sleeve you shall not be prepared for. So, before jumping to the Johnnie Walker Labels worth trying, let us sip some whisky knowledge.


Scotch’s Different Flavours?

The region of Scotland in which the scotch whisky are produced will influence the flavor of the scotch that you drink.

  • North Highland whiskies tend to be spicier;
  • South Highland whiskies tend to be sweeter;
  • Lowland whiskies tend to have a lighter body and are less peaty;
  • Speyside whiskies tend to be malty sweet;
  • Islay whiskies tend to have a campfire peat flavor and be saltier.

Glass of Johnnie Walker Red Label


What’s a blended Scotch?

When a bottle of scotch says “blended” on the label, it means that it’s an artful blend of two or more Single Malt Scotch Whiskies with one or more Single Grain Scotch Whiskies from different distilleries.

As noted earlier, the flavor is influenced by the regions in which these whiskies are produced. This process allows distillers to offer differently flavored brands and to offer you a less expensive scotch that is smooth and delicious.

You don’t have to buy expensive single malt scotch whisky to enjoy the flavor of this popular whisky. Many scotch drinkers prefer blended scotch whisky over single malt scotch whisky. In fact, blended scotch whiskies account for 90% of scotch sales.

When you’re shopping in a good liquor store, you’ll find seven Johnnie Walker labels. What’s the difference? How to choose? Check the next paragraphs to have a taste of each one and find the one that might be perfect for you.


Take a walk through the different Johnnie Walker Labels

Johnnie Walker Red Label

This is their pioneer blend, the one that introduced Johnnie Walker to the world. This blend has a bit of spice on a bed of mellow vanilla with a zesty, smoky taste that will linger for extended enjoyment. The whiskies in Johnnie Walker Red Label are aged at least three years and come from the four corners of Scotland.

Bottle of Johnnie Wlaker Red Label near a glass


Two Johnnie Walker Labels - Black and Double Black

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Many consider this the benchmark for premium blended whisky and one sip will tell you why. It’s smooth, deep character is attributed to the fact that all of the whiskies used to make it are aged at least twelve years. The whiskies in Black Label are aged at least twelve years and come from the four corners of Scotland.

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

If you enjoy the iconic Black Label, Double Black is one of the Johnnie Walker Labels that will blow you away. Intensely smoky with layers of spice, this full-bodied whisky will excite your taste buds and satisfy the most discerning scotch drinker.

And, so you know, Double Black whiskies come from the west coast of Scotland.

One of the most unique johnnie waljker labels - the Green LabelJohnnie Walker Green Label

Your next step up in Johnnie Walker Labels is the Green Label. This blended scotch is crafted from a variety of malts, aged for a minimum of fifteen years. The perfect balance combines wonderful aromas of sandalwood, fresh fruit, vanilla, wood smoke, and fresh-cut grass. Speyside, Highland, Lowland, and Island malts are used to make Green Label.


Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

If you’re planning a special evening, you can’t go wrong with Gold Label Reserve. You’ll sense vanilla and dark fruit, along with a hint of smoldering embers for one of the smoothest and most luxurious Johnnie Walker Labels the brand made. The flavor comes from Speyside, the Highlands, and the west coast of Scotland.




Bottle of Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 years on a table with a cigar and other objectsJohnnie Walker Aged 18 Years

This award-winning blend is made from whiskies carefully chosen for their flavor and quality, and have matured for at least eighteen years. You’ll pick up some citrus, a hint of tangerines, and vanilla.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Blue Label is the ultimate Johnnie Walker Label experience. The exquisite taste marks Blue Label as a true masterpiece and one of Scotland’s rarest and finest whiskies. Only one in ten thousand casks can produce the flavor, quality, and character of this blended scotch whisky.

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