8 Great Whisky Magazines You Should Look For

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If you’re looking for the ultimate whisky magazines, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to share our pick of the best publications available. All of them will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and interesting information about whisky. Whether you’re a newbie or an accomplished whisky drinker, there is something for everyone.


Whisky Magazines – The Top 8

Cover of Whisky Magazine
Credits: whiskymag.com

Whisky Magazine

Published 8 times per year and accompanied by an online edition via their website, Whisky Magazine has racked up over 170 issues of their magazine over the years and aims to be the ultimate whisky drinking companion for lovers of the “water of life”.

Both the online and print versions feature a wide range of whisky-based content, news, information, and ideas, with each issue containing a diverse and informative range of articles on everything from Whisky collecting advice, tasting tips, and food pairing to info on understanding whisky blends and branding.

If you ever miss an issue, you can easily backorder from their extensive catalog, and for newcomers to the Whisky Magazine website, you can claim your free copy of their award-winning digital magazine and road test a subscription.



Whisky Advocate, one of the most favorite whisky magazines of the public
Credits: whiskyadvocate.com

Whisky Advocate

Whisky Advocate is a print and digital publication that releases a new edition with the turn of each season throughout the year. The mag dives into the world of whisky with international coverage of the various whisky blends and brands, whisky news, cocktail ideas, tasting reviews, and whisky ratings.

Each edition covers a wide range of whiskies with an average of 100 whiskies rated and reviewed making it one of the most comprehensive out there. This magazine is also great as they offer some fantastic travel-based articles, from visiting some of the oldest distilleries in the world to the most interesting and highlighting unique aspects.

With 4 issues delivered each year and back catalogs available, the team at Whisky Advocate makes our whisky magazines list for their great quality buyers guides, whisky investor guides, and other whisky-based content. A subscription to Whisky Advocate is an excellent choice for information seekers wanting to delve into the world of whisky drinking.


Our Whisky magazines list integrates the American Whisky Magazine
Credits: pocketmags.com

American Whiskey Magazine

is a print and digital magazine that provides up-to-date feature articles on a range of whisky products, spanning information from the world of Bourbon, single malt whiskies to wheat and grain whiskies. Each edition is jam-packed with tips and information catering to everyone from newbies to even the most established whisky drinkers.

American Whiskey also dives deep into the working culture of whisky makers, conducting interviews with people pushing the whisky-making craft to newfound levels. They also publish a weekly tasting guide, highlighting the best of the best whiskies, alongside a wealth of information and trends keeping readers up to date with any new brands and flavors that hit the market.


Cover of Irish Whiskey Magazine from 2016
Credits: celticwhiskeyshop.com

Irish Whiskey Mag

Irish Whiskey Magazine is a relative newcomer to the whisky publication sphere but has racked up 11 issues since beginning in March 2020. They offer monthly printed editions with digital editions available also for a subscription. They focus on Irish Whisky and distillers within Ireland, making them a great resource for those keen on a tiple from the Irish island.

Each article is filled with a range of topics, from information and tips, mixology and food ideas, whisky distillery reviews, and much more. With a strong focus on all things relating to Irish Whiskies, the publication team offers some great information and goes a long way to debunking some of the myths and misconceptions that are associated with Irish Whisky.

For anyone looking for a conclusive source of information on the fascinating world of Irish Whisky, you can’t go past Irish Whiskey Magazine, which makes our whisky magazines list for its expertise.



Unfiltered Magazine

Unfiltered Magazine, one of the whisky magazines about single malt scotch
Credits: smws.com

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society was founded in 1983 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and nowadays boasts over 30,000 members. The team of whisky enthusiasts offers their digital publication, Unfiltered, which is The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s award-winning online magazine. Each issue is available to members by a monthly subscription and also comes with a host of other members’ benefits.

Unfiltered features the best whisky writing and covers a diverse and interesting range of topics from every corner of the whisky world. The team of contributors has extensively traveled the world in search of the best whisky products and offers expert tasting advice, with 20-30 different cask whiskies reviewed each month.

Whether you’re looking for expert advice and tips on whisky tasting, or you are keen to discover the fascinating world of whisky distilling and branding, this online publication is the ultimate source for discovering the world’s finest whisky which is why it is one of our favorites on this whisky magazines list.



Whiskeria, a whisky magazine about the whisky world
Credits: apkpure.com


Whiskeria is produced by The Whisky Shop in the UK. Launched in 2005, there are four editions published per year and it has a readership of more than 120,000 people. One of the regular features in the magazine includes reviews of new releases and limited editions by world-renowned Charles MacLean who is the author of at least 14 scotch whisky books and a leading expert in the field.

Each edition also contains highlights and info on distillery visits, creative cocktail recipes using whisky, and a travel feature. You’ll also find a competition to enter in every edition with fantastic prizes on offer such as gift sets and limited edition bottles.





Cover of Cask & Still, a whisky magazine
Credits: http://www.caskandstillmagazine.co.uk

Cask & Still Magazine

Cask & Still Magazine makes it onto our top whisky magazines list because it is Scotland’s premier whisky magazine.

It launched in 2015 and focuses on Scotland’s whisky industry but includes information about other spirits too. You will find a wealth of topics in each edition, covering everything from news to whisky stats and articles about the whisky scene in different parts of the world.

This publication is free online and the team has also created their own dedicated “Cask & Still App”. The app was designed to give you all the knowledge you could need about Scotland’s national drink in your pocket. It includes info about the best places to drink, taste, and buy whisky.




Whisky Quarterly, one of the whisky magazines featured on our top 8
Credits: thewhiskyambassador.com

Whisky Quarterly

Whisky Quarterly is a luxury whisky publication that was launched in 2015. As the name suggests, it is published quarterly and is targeted at whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

The magazine includes a round-up of the best whiskies, among other creative and interesting articles. It’s created by a group of experts who work in the drinks industry and spirits writers, which is one of the great reasons why it makes our top whisky magazines list.

The magazine publisher is Stilnovisti which is an alternative investment company that focuses on non-traditional assets such as whisky, wine, and art. It’s also an independent bottler so you can be sure that the editorial team is made up of experts who will help boost your whisky knowledge.




Why read a Whisky Magazine? Find your answers, here: https://www.whiskyflavour.com/blog/whiskey-magazine-everything-should-know/


To Sum Up our Whisky Magazines’ List

We hope you enjoy choosing your favorite publication from our list. Once you delve into the extensive world of whisky and read up about the best brands, new and old, you will get an even better appreciation of just how complex and comprehensive it is.

All of these whisky magazines will give you great insight into whisky and help you take your knowledge to the next level by allowing you to explore the world of whisky from the comfort of your own home.

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