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Several whiskey magazines

Have you ever read a whiskey magazine? With everything going on in the whisky world, it might be good for you to give it a try.

They say reading is fundamental, and that’s certainly true when it comes to collecting and/or enjoying top-shelf whiskey. There’s a lot to know and much to explore. Plus, the beverage stays in high demand so your windows of opportunity are limited.

A whiskey magazine puts your hand on the pounding pulse of the pub. It gives you unique insights and insider knowledge that can improve your experience. It offers a lot more too, so stick around and learn what all you’ll find inside.

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What is a whiskey magazine?

A whiskey magazine is a publication that focuses primarily on alcoholic beverages, namely scotch and bourbon. It discusses several aspects of the drink while helping introduce people to new flavor profiles. Meanwhile, readers join a community of connoisseurs who love the product and support various brands through active promotion.

Magazines about whiskey provide many advantages over searching for information on the internet. The blogs, articles, and pictures on the pages are carefully curated to give readers the best possible experience. In fact, the material is so dense that many magazines get sent alongside whiskey subscription boxes as an added bonus.

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7 things you’ll find inside your mag

All publications are unique, even if they cover the same general topic. That means you’ll most likely flip to a different, high-quality page no matter what magazine you choose. Still, there are some basics that all readers should look for:

  1. High-resolution pictures of new bottles – This gives you an idea of what products look like so that you can recognize them in stores and subscription boxes.
  2. Product reviews from experienced readers – That information is provided to help you decide between different brands, recipes, and products based on the opinions and experiences of others.
  3. The flavor breakdowns of various brews – Whiskey experts explain in detail the proprietary blend of ingredients in each bottle that lands on their desk – all for your benefit.
  4. A few featured brands – This should help you compare brands with prices and reviews to determine which bottles are worth your money (and which ones are not).
  5. News about whiskey making, brands, and retailers – That data can then be used to help you price your bottles, source your subscriptions, and find like-minded groups of advocates and collectors.
  6. Delicious recipes for drinking and eating – You’ll find tasty dishes and cocktails to try with your family and friends (or all by yourself depending on how good it is).
  7. Coupon codes for whiskey products – This gives you discounts on your favorite brands, bottles, and accessories through affiliations with the right mag.

Whiskey magazines are exciting to read even if you don’t drink alcohol. The knowledge you gain can help save you time, money, and taste buds too.


Want to know our selection of Whiskey Magazines? We have it all, here: https://www.whiskyflavour.com/blog/best-magazines-whiskey/


How much does a whiskey magazine cost?

The price of your magazine subscription can vary greatly depending on several things. Usually, larger publications cost more while smaller publications charge less to get more readers. Established magazines also have the best content (most of the time) and their coupons are generally better as well.

Meanwhile, the average whiskey magazine subscription costs between $3 and $10 per issue. That might sound expensive but the return is enormous. Usually, readers find more than that in simple savings through expert advice, easy recipes, and coupons.

To find out more about how each publication runs, and when, do a quick search online then read the “ABOUT” page on their website. If all else fails, contact the magazine directly for more information (and maybe even bonus some incentives to buy).


Several whiskey magazines
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3 ways to save money on your subscription

It doesn’t cost much to get your hands on good literature and art these days, so take advantage. Still, you might be a little pressed for cash with all your interests needing purchases at the same time. Consider yourself lucky (and fascinating).

Either way, you probably want to save some money whenever you can. To get the most bang for your bourbon buck, try these 3 simple hacks:

  • Get your mags through a Whiskey of the Month Club. Retailers sometimes get exclusive access to introductory prices.
  • Sign up with a friend or relative. Many times, you can get a discount for buying your mags in bulk or as part of a group.
  • Wait for promotional deals. Most magazines will offer special deals at least once a year, so be patient.

The right whiskey magazine could make all the difference in your experience. So, choose the right one and pay as little as humanly possible for it.

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