Irresistible Black Friday whiskey specials on Whisky Flavour

Black Friday whiskey specials

Whisky Flavour surprises you with awesome Black Friday whiskey specials that you just can not resist! Are you curious about smokey Scotch or creamy Bourbon? Or do you want to try slightly salty Island whiskey, that gives your taste buds a unique experience?

Try the best whiskey brands with an inexpensive subscription

Opposed to other company Whisky Flavour does not just focus on one particular brands. We see ourselves as whiskey ambassadors, who connect outstanding brands with our international customers. Our special service focuses on whiskey tasting boxes, which contain four different miniature bottles of whiskey. Every tasting box is a surprise, that gives you and your friends and workmates a deeper insight in the world of whiskey. Our Black Friday whiskey specials include our tasting boxes as well. With our whiskey deals you have the chance to try the very best whiskeys in the world. And the best thing is, that you will spend a very small amount of money.

No more stressful Black Friday shopping

One great advantage of the Black Friday whiskey specials on Whisky Flavour is the fact, that you purchase your subscription box online. Once you complete your order, we will send your whiskey tasting box directly to your home. There is no need to camp in front of a convenient store or to argue with other shoppers. While making a purchase on Whisky Flavour you can sit back and relax. Enjoy to order from your living room to any place in the world.

18, 21 or even 30 years matured

Black Friday whiskey specials on Whisky Flavour surprise you with whiskeys of different ages. You have the choice between whiskeys that were maturing in wooden casks for 18 years, for 21 years of for 30 years. Compared to an inexpensive Bourbon, that needs to mature for two years, time spans of 18 years or 21 years are already very long. The result are whiskeys which surprise you with their expressive and unique flavors and aromas. If you are not sure which subscription box to choose, simply send us a mail. We like to help you to find the exact right subscription box you are looking for!

The perfect gift!

Whiskey is a great gift, that is the cherry on top of every celebration, anniversary or Christmas party. Also, the Black Friday whiskey specials work just perfectly as a classy present for your loved ones or for your business partner. If you want to add something to a whiskey subscription box we have a lot of recommendations for you. A perfect choice is an elegant whiskey glass, that underlines the special aromas and flavors of a good whiskey. You are not sure which glass to choose? Check our blog post about the ideally shaped whiskey glass.


Assorted chocolates and our Black Friday whiskey specials

Another gift that goes along very well with a whiskey subscription is chocolate. Dark handmade chocolate, delicate bars covered with nuts and rose petals or creamy truffles are a present that proofs your outstanding taste . And it also brings out the best sides of a good Scotch, Irish or Bourbon. We recommend buying a box of assorted chocolates, since every whiskey in your subscription box demands a different kind of chocolate and flavor.

The best whiskey cocktail recipes

As well, a book with cocktails recipes allows you to make even more out of our Black Friday whiskey specials on Whisky Flavour. One book we can highly recommend is “Whisky Cocktails: 50 Classic Mixes for Every Occasion, Shown in Over 100 Stunning Photographs” by Stuart Walton. From Jack Frost to Jamaica Shake. The book is a great read full of outstanding images and lots of ideas how to prepare the perfect whiskey cocktail.

Are you curious about our Black Friday whiskey specials on Whisky Flavour or are you seeking for help and more recommendations? We encourage you to scroll through our blog and reach out to us if you are in doubt! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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