The perfect gift: How to choose a whiskey present

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The perfect gift: How to choose a whiskey present

A whiskey present is the perfect choice, if you wanna surprise a person you really appreciate. It is a luxurious gift, that can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family. Additionally whiskey is the ideal representative present for your business partners since it demonstrates your style and good taste. Especially in Asia a good whiskey accompanied by cigars and chocolate is the ideal gift that improves your business relationships. Tipp: Before buying the whiskey make sure that your business partners are not muslims.

Choosing a whiskey present for someone who loves whiskey

Gather information about your friend´s, family member´s oder business partner´s taste. If someone already drinks whiskey it might be harder to please the person. Keep in mind that some people prefer smokey flavors while others enjoy a light and floral beverage. If you are undecided better choose a whiskey that lacks very dominant flavors such as smoke, peat or wood. Scroll through our whiskey blog and read our whiskey reviews! Another option is to surprise someone with a whisky flavour tasting box! That way the receiver of the present can enjoy a great variety of flavors and learn more about their favorite beverage.

Getting a present for a whiskey newbie

A whiskey present is just the prefect option if you wanna introduce a friend to the world of whiskey. Since your friend most likely never tasted a scotch, Irish or bourbon before, better start with something easy to drink. An old and pricy whiskey might look fancy but chances are hight that your friend is overwhelmed by its strong taste. If you wanna know more about how to buy whiskey, read our blog post and become an expert! In the case that you are very undecided stick to miniatures and surprise your friend or relative with a tasting box. Another way to spread joy with a whiskey present is a voucher for a whiskey tasting. You find tasting events usually in distilleries, in whiskey stores or in bars that are specialized on whiskey.

Too good to be true: Whiskey and chocolate

Let´s get fancy: Buy matching chocolate after choosing the whiskey present or the tasting box . There is nothing more delicious than handcrafted chocolate accomplished buy a good glass of whiskey. Full-bodied, creamy whiskeys with a hint of sweetness go very well with dark chocolate. Choose vegan dark chocolate if your friend is a vegan or suffers from lactose-intolerance. If you are interested in pure and intense flavors, choose raw chocolate. Also white chocolate matches perfect with whiskeys. The mild and creamy flavor of white chocolate underlines smokey notes, that are very common in scotch. A little bit or lemon or orange zest guarantee an even more intense tasting experience. Milk chocolate – especially the ones with hazelnut – combine very well with a distinct oak taste, that is common in American whiskeys such as bourbon.


Did you ever receive a whiskey present? Or did you surprise a friend, family member or colleague with a delicious gift? Write us, we are curious about your experiences!

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