Royal Salute – a tribute to the queen

Royal Salute – a tribute to the queen

Royal Salute is a Scotch brand that is based at Strathisla Distillery in Moray, Scotland. Moray is part of the famous region Speyside, which is located in the plains of the Scottish Highlands. The rough landscape, the salty air and natural springs guarantee the ideal conditions for world class scotch.
Royal Salute is a brand that belongs to the Chivas Brothers. It was founded on second of June 1953, the day when Queen Elizabeth II was coronated. The whisky was created as a tribute to the 27 year old queen. The name Royal Salute derives from the traditional 21-gun salute that is being fired on coronation day and on the birthday of the queen. All expressions of Royal Salute come with one special feature: They contain a blend of whiskies that aged for a minimum of 21 years.

Precious whisky from the Strathisla distillery

Royal Salute Scotches are being produced in Strathisla distillery, which is the oldest continuously working whisky distillery in Scotland. The distillery opened in 1786 and contains two wash stills and two spirit stills. The water that is used during production has its origins in the Broomhill Spring. The distillery with its picturesque towers is very beautiful and definitely worth a visit. The brand also offers guided tours that include a whisky tasting. Don´t mis out during your next trip to Scotland!

Three different expressions of Royal Salute

Royal Salute offers six different expressions (by July 2017). For giving you an idea of the brand we wanna introduce three expressions to you.

The probably most popular one is called Royal Salute 21 Year Old and contains blended whiskies that aged for at least 21 years. The whisky comes with a fresh bouquet that consists of oranges, spices, cereals and homemade gingerbread. The taste is smooth and reminds you of wood, caramel and a hint of smoke.

Chivas Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute is a very exclusive whisky, that comes in a heavily decorated bottle. It won the Whisky Bible Award 2012 for the Best Premium No Age Statement Blended Scotch of the Year. The whisky delights you with a deep, complex taste that combines sweet oranges with nuts and oak.

Tribute to Honour is one of the most expensive whiskies that have been produced in the history of mankind. Royal Salute released just 21 bottles of the whisky that contains precious blends with a minimum age of 45 years. Until the release just the master blender Colin Scott tried the precious expression. The whisky, that has been sold for around 240 000 Dollars has a rich flavor, that according to Colin Scott leaves you speechless.

Did you every try any expression of Royal Salute? Write us a mail or leave a comment! We are curious to hear your opinion!

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