Christmas Whisky Gift – The perfect combo

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The most beautiful time of the year is coming, and Whisky Flavour is here to make it even more special with our Christmas Whisky Gift.

Whether you have your loved one far or close by, we can make their Christmas a more special one. Our incredible packs offer them a chance to delight with the most incredible whiskies. They differ in months of delivery and in the aging of each whisky. All you have to do is check our website to discover what we can offer.

Because we want this Christmas to be uplifted, each package will come with a special surprise in it. We have come together to include, free of charge, some cup holders with our branding, and some ice rocks that will allow your whisky to stay always fresh and free of water. In this way, whether you like to enjoy your whisky in a cocktail or simply straight in a glass, it will always be cold and supported.

In order for you to decide which package suits best your loved ones, we have divided them into:

Beginners package

This package is perfect for the ones you are still discovering the whisky world. With whiskies ranging with 18 years of aging, they have the lightest tastes and notes. They are perfect for anyone who already loves whisky or the ones you are still adventuring in this universe.

You may then choose between a one-month, three months, six months or 12 months package delivery for a continuous discovery.

Intermediate package

If you or your loved ones are already a whisky fan, then this package suits perfectly. With whiskies ranging with 21 years of aging, the notes will be more stable and adventurous. This is a package for you to step into the next level of whisky and allow your taste buds to discover something new.

Here you may also choose between a one-month, three months, six months or 12 months package delivery.

Expert package

This package is for the connoisseurs of whisky, the true whisky fans. Here, with 30 years of aging the whiskies are more complex and offer some more intense and full-bodied flavours. This package is a true gift that keeps on giving as you will be able to discover a whole new world.

As the previous ones, you can also choose between a a one-month, three months, six months or 12 months package delivery.


Come, discover a new world, and give this Christmas a special gift. A unique spirit that offers so much more than any other, the whisky world is waiting for you to uncover it.

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