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The countdown has begun, again! Less than a month to go and you probably have not started to think about the perfect gift for your partner.

With Whisky Flavour, we offer a subscription box that can be enjoyed throughout the year by both. Close or far, our team will pack your box with all the love and care and send it to wherever you want! Leave a special message to make it even more personal and let your whiskeys warm you throughout winter, together.

To easy things up, we have done a little explanation of all the different boxes below:

Premium Tasting – WF 18

This subscription box included whiskeys with 18 years. You might wish to buy a subscription box for one month, three months, six months or twelve months. This is your choice and will run until the months chosen ends.

Premium Tasting – WF 21

In this subscription box you will find whiskeys with at least 21 years. Again, this subscription may vary between one month, three months, six months or twelve months.

Premium Tasting – WF 30

The final subscription box of 30-year whiskeys will give you choices that are more exceptional. This is for the true whiskey lovers. Choose between one month, three months, six months or twelve months subscription boxes.

What will you receive in your box

Our team carefully makes each boxes. This includes different samples (original bottles) which will vary according to each month or each subscription. You will also find some special gifts like cup holders, messages or ice cubes. We will then send the boxes to the address chosen for a personalized gift.


Make your partner happier this Valentine.

Enjoy one of our subscription boxes together for a special day. 

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