How to choose a Whiskey Subscription Box

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Between all the advantages of a Whiskey Subscription Box lies the ultimate question: How to choose the best one for you? Read the article and follow our tips!

Your love for rich scotch and bourbon has finally been recognized. It’s all thanks to the innovative companies that started making a top-notch whiskey subscription box for every taste. Now, you can experiment them without committing to expensive bottles that you end up hating.

So, how do you choose between boxes when you’ve never tried one before? Well, you start by narrowing the search, and then you end with a sip. Back in the day, you had to get your buzz from a smoky pub. Now, you can lay back in your favorite chair to test labels in the comfort of your own home. So, let’s get this party started!


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How does a whiskey subscription box work?

Long story short, a whiskey subscription box is a way to get a generous sampling of the best whiskey brands from around the world. In some cases, members can also get whiskey-related gear and accessories to show off their good taste. Your shipment comes on a schedule that you and the merchant agree upon ahead of time. Then, you pop bottles all month long as you explore your pallet at your own pace.

There’s no commitment and you can cancel your subscription at any time (usually). Granted, all subscriptions are different, but they usually cover the basics: unique flavors, exclusive bottles, and excellent presentations. Choose yours wisely by being selective in the right ways.


Wondering if the Whisky Flavour Subscription Box has all this? Check it out:


Whisky Flavour Whiskey Subscription Box


5 features of the best boxes

Luckily for you, there are only a few whiskey subscription boxes that are even worth your time. The concept is a relatively new one, so the competition isn’t nearly as steep as it should be. That’s good news for you though, so cut to the chase faster by considering these 5 important factors:


#1. The Bundle Quantity

You probably don’t want to spend a bunch of money for trial-sized bottles of whiskey because that seems like a waste of it. Just because you like to sample many brands doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate quantity. So, look for a box that offers diversity in quantity. That is, not only several expressions of the same brands, but also diverse brands from month to month. Then, compare that with what some of the other boxes offer.


#2. The Bottle Quality

Whiskey connoisseurs understand the importance of getting high-quality bottles with clear labels. Much is to be determined by looking at the color and consistency of your brew. So, make sure your whiskey subscription box offers products of quality and some relevant information on each product.


Whiskey subscription box miniatures


#3. The Presentation

Many whiskey subscription boxes are given as gifts to friends, family, and partners. That means you have to pay close attention to the way each shipment looks to avoid disappointment or confusion. Furthermore, handsome boxes help you display your collection of expensive whiskeys in a safe and secure location. So, choose something that’s impressive whether it gets used or not.


#4. Subscription Customization

You should be able to tailor these bottle services to your specific needs. In other words, the best options always let you decide when and where your box should be sent. You might also get to choose certain speciality bottles or add-ons. So, find out how to personalize your shipment (if possible), and if you can’t do that, find out whether the service offers different themes or box types.


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#5. Customer Service

Face it: You’ll probably have some questions before subscribing to a monthly delivered Whiskey Subscription Box. That’s pretty normal, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. What you should be afraid of instead is bad customer service. To avoid frustrating situations with the salespeople, opt for a box that’s backed by friendly support staff and easy contacting methods.

For more information on your favorite kits, contact the seller directly. If possible, ask about special discounts for new customers or see if there are any coupon codes you can use.


How to save money on a whiskey subscription box

How much does a whiskey subscription box cost? Well, that all depends on where you buy it and how you pay. For example, some companies let you buy in bulk to save money. Others require you to pay upfront or make monthly installments. Check the pricing plans to make sure you can afford it. Then, look for other ways to save money like these:

  • Refer friends to the box for a special incentive.
  • Use your membership to get featured whiskey below the suggested retail price.
  • Wait for holidays and special occasions because many brands host sales then.

Make the most of your money by selecting a premium subscription box that guarantees your satisfaction.



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