How to Distinguish Expensive Whisky Brands

How to distinguish expensive whisky brands from others? Read the whole article!

Tasting and choosing whisky can be tough, especially when you love the stuff. Considering how costly some bottles can be, it makes perfect sense to learn as much as you can before buying. Lesson number one: How to distinguish an expensive whisky brands between all the other brands when you’ve got a high-quality subscription box in your hand. It might not be easy, but it will definitely be delicious.


How is an expensive whisky made?

High-quality whisky is made by fermenting different malted and unmalted grains in a delicate mash. That mash is comprised of things like wheat, barley, corn, and rye. Most of the time, it’s crafted in large white oak casks that have been aged for several years. In fact, that component is considered a vital step in the whisky making process as a whole.

Meanwhile, you’re not supposed to put any additional flavours into the mixture because it changes the natural flavours. High-end brews are rarely ever fortified with additives or preservatives, nor are they contained within anything but specially shaped glass bottles. The expensive whisky business has been booming for so long that there are now brands that are synonymous with the drink itself.

Several bottles of whisky with whisky tasting glasses


Tips for distinguish expensive whiskys from others

Everyone is looking for something different when they taste a specific whisky expression. Some people like to sip it straight from the glass. Others want to use it for mixed drinks and cocktails. That means your intended use will play a huge role in how well you like what’s on your lips.

Either way, it’s easy to tell the difference between cheap whisky and expensive whisky once you’ve tasted it. According to the pros, these are the 5 things you should consider when taking a sip:

  1. The Name – As with most things, the brand name will tell you a lot about the product in your hands. If you’ve never heard of it before, stop and do a quick search to find out more.
  2. The Label – Good whisky is always labeled appropriately because the person who made it is proud. Look for things like age, bottle date and ingredients to get a clearer picture.
  3. Clarity and Color – Costly bottles should look different based on the contents, recipe and age of the whisky. So, check its appearance against a whisky color wheel
  4. The Aroma – Expensive recipes should smell like they were made on purpose. That means you should pick up hints of various flavours in both your nose and on your tongue.
  5. Aftertaste (the Finish)– The best whiskies are dense so they will linger in your mouth for a while after you swallow. Also, wait for a smooth finish because that indicates a perfectly balanced recipe.

Keep in mind that your whisky’s flavour and appearance will depend on how you serve it. For example, the pour may appear lighter or even a different color if you add ice to the glass. Also, take more than one sip out of each sample to get a truly well-rounded experience.


Bottle of expensive whisky pouring the spirit to a glass


Curious about some of the most expensive whisky expressions ever sold? Here’s your answer:


How to find the best expensive whisky brands 

The best whisky brands aren’t always expensive, but you’ll never know if you keep looking at the price tag only. It’s all about what’s pleasing to your pallette, so don’t listen to everything the experts say. Instead, use one of these methods to track down your next favorite bottle:

  • Take a flight. No, you don’t need to buy a plane ticket. A whisky flight is a small sampling of different brands and recipes. Taking one at a local restaurant or brewery is a great way to find something you really love.
  • Get a Whisky Subscription Box Then, you can enjoy various whisky brands at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or give your favorite flavours as handsome gifts to loved ones.
  • Know differences between types. For instance, scotch and bourbon present completely different flavours because they’re made through very distinct processes. Don’t be fooled into buying the wrong kind because of price tags and fancy labels.


Getting close to real expensive whisky brands may not be easy. When you do, make sure you’ll have a taste of that!

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