The Macallan – the pillars of a unique reputation

The Macallen

The Macallan – the pillars of a unique reputation

The Macallan is just one of the most reputable and valuable brands of Scotch whisky, and as a single malt, this is considered the best. Learn about the various pillars that make The Macallan the myth that it is today.



The MaCallen's Scotch Range
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The Macallan – the six pillars that support the myth

The Macallan distillery is located in the north west of Scotland, in the region of Speyside, having at his side who is considered his spiritual home, the castle Easter Elchies House.

One of the factors that help to understand the specificity of this Scotch are its stills. With a single, smaller than the usual format, the copper stills helps concentrate the flavor of the distilled beverage.

Regarding the oak barrels, Macallan carefully selects and uses only the best ones for the aging process of the Scotch.

One of the most important factors for the exceptional quality of the The Macallan’s Scotch is its “cut”. Also known as the best portion of whisky, the cut is the amount of distilled liquid that is taken from stills. The Macallan usually uses only 16% of the distilled liquid, which is one of the best cuts from all over Scotland. Only the finest portion is used for aging in oak casks, then resulting in the most valuable whiskies in the world.

At The Macallan house, the color of the Scotch produced, results simply of the natural characteristics of the wood and beverage.

Finally, the last pillar of The Macallan reputation concerns the constant search for perfection. This house is keen to always keep the quality at the highest point possible, offering the world an unparalleled scotch whisky.

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