Why You Should Get a Whisky Subscription Box?

Discover the reason why you should get a whisky subscription box

If you are a big fan of convenience, high-quality whisky, and bonus items, then boy, do we have the perfect service to tell you! Here at Whisky Flavour, we are fans of providing you with high-quality whiskies every month delivered right to your door! You will not be disappointed with our whisky subscription box!

Our classy and convenient Whisky Flavour subscription is the culmination of all of these qualities that you love with the added fact that we genuinely love whisky and we want to share that passion with our customers. Our affection for fine whisky shows in our care for every detail when it comes to our tasting boxes and ensures our customers’ satisfaction in what they receive.


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  1. What is the Whisky Flavour Subscription Box?
    1. Selecting your whisky expressions
    2. What is in your whisky subscription box?
    3. The duration and delivery of the Whisky Flavour subscription
  2. Why should you get this Whisky Subscription Box?
4 whisky miniatures near the whisky flavour wooden box
4 whisky expressions that our costumers already received with their whisky susbcription box


What is the Whisky Flavour Subscription Box?

If you have heard of grocery subscriptions or make-up subscriptions, then you will know what a subscription box is. If you have not heard of either of these, then imagine a magazine subscription, but instead of a magazine, you get a beautiful box of high-quality whisky designed for you to enjoy!

A whisky-tasting subscription box is a shipment of custom curated whiskies that are created based on the customer’s choices. Depending on the length of time that you sign up for, you will receive a whisky tasting box each month.

Our Whisky Flavour subscription tasting boxes, you will receive a variety of whiskies and extras that are related to the whisky expressions that you selected during the purchasing process. Have in mind that this is a tasting experience. That is, we’ll send you 4 exclusive whisky miniatures for you to taste per month.


Selecting Your Whisky Expressions

To select the whisky expressions that you will receive, you must first subscribe and choose for how long you want to receive your tasting box. After you decide on the duration of your Whisky Flavour subscription, we’ll choose the expressions that better fit that amount of time. That means that the longer your subscription the higher the quality of the whisky.

As it happens with most subscription boxes, our Whisky Subscription Box will deliever you surprise whisky expressions. Don’t panic, though! If there is any expression you already know or that you don’t like, feel free to contact us and ask us to not include that brand in your box.

We at Whisky Flavour have agreements with distilleries from all over the world, allowing you to taste truly unique whisky expressions that you wouldn’t taste in any other way. For instance, we’ve already sent our costumers whisky from France, Germany, Switzerland and Peru. That, besides all the Scotch, Irish, Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey, of course.

Example of a Whisky Flavour whisky subscription box
Example of a Whisky Flavour whisky subscription box


What is in Your Whisky Subscription Box?

When you get your Whisky Flavour tasting box, you will receive a minimum of four miniature whisky bottles.

In addition to the whisky, you will receive different add-ons that get based on the age and flavors of the whiskeys that you chose. These extras are treats that we may offer in order to enhance your whisky tastings. We already sent our costumers hard-to-find snacks and chocolate that will pair perfectly with the whisky expressions in your whisky subscription box. The most probable snack you’ll receive is Chocisky chocolate, a sweet treat made with different kinds of Scotch Whisky.

Besides the snacks, you might offer you some whisky tasting items that will give you an overall better experience. For example, you might receive glassware such as Glencairn glasses, coasters made of cork or whisky stones!

All of the products of the subscription box come in a rustic and handmade wooden box. Because it is a wooden box, it can be reused for any other purpose.

Make sure you know the different ways in which you can taste your whisky!


The Duration and Delivery of the Whisky Flavour Subscription

When you sign up for our Whisky Flavour subscription service, you get to select the duration that you will receive tasting boxes. The options for the durations are one, three, six, and twelve months. You will get one whisky tasting box each month for the period of time you have chosen.

When the team here at Whisky Flavour ships your tasting box, you will get an email from a registered mail service notifying you of the location of your package as it ships. This way, you know that the mail service is trustworthy, and you can sprint to the door the second your whisky subscription box gets delivered to grab it!

The whisky flavour subscription box is delivered to you every month for as long as you want it
The whisky flavour subscription box is delivered to you every month for as long as you want it


Why You Should Get this Whisky Subscription Box

Honestly, why not? If you love whisky as we do and you like to have things accessible, simple, affordable, and high-quality, then there is no question about why you should, but why you have not signed up already!

A Whisky Flavour tasting box subscription sets you up for a present to yourself once a month! It is a great way to treat yourself, learn about whisky, and enjoy one of your passions!

You could even send a Whisky Flavour tasting box as a gift! Just reach out to our team, and we can take care of packaging the box as a gift. It is a perfect way to show someone you know enjoys whisky that you are paying attention to when they talk about their favorite whisky ages and flavors.

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