What’s The Best Whisky to Drink Straight?

The best whisky to drink straight

If you’re keen to try out drinking whisky neat then we have a couple of recommendations. Some of the best whisky to drink straight is the Redbreast 12 Year for Irish Whiskey, Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon for those who are a fan of the style, and the Compass Box Great King Street (Artist’s Blend) for those who are Scotch lovers.

With so many varieties of whisky out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best in the business, especially if you like your drink straight. The rule of thumb with any good whisky is that it has to be smooth. The smoother the whisky, the better it will taste as it is.

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Many people have different opinions on what the best whisky to drink straight is. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best whiskies from the best whisky regions around the globe. Whatever your preference is, we all know how important it is to be able to enjoy your favorite drink neat.

While on the rocks is also great, especially if you’re planning on having more than one or two, you just cannot beat a straight whisky. It’s beautiful to sip on a perfectly balanced glass after a tough day at the office as you’re winding down or even to drink with a group of your best friends.

When it comes to sipping on a neat whisky, you don’t want that intense burn you can get from some whisky. You want your drink to go down as smooth as possible, unless of course, you enjoy the intensity, then have at it! It can be tempting to think that the best whisky to drink straight has to be out of your budget. But you’re wrong! There are plenty of affordable options out there that will satisfy the whisky fix you so deserve.

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Best Irish Whiskey To Drink Straight

If you’re a fan of Irish whiskey, you’ll want to make sure your drink is as smooth as any other. The texture of good Irish whiskey, or any whisky for that matter, is what makes the whole whiskey experience come to life.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best Irish whiskeys to enjoy straight. Again, there are loads of differing opinions on these, so always remember to go with your gut and enjoy the drink your heart most desires.


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Redbreast 12 Years

The Redbreast 12 Year is a single pot still, triple distilled Irish whiskey from the Midleton distillery in Cork in Ireland. We’ve recommended this beauty as our best Irish whiskey to drink straight.
Enthusiasts say that they love the Redbreast 12 Year because of the undertones of sherry that the whiskey takes on as the drink gets older. The blend includes a range of differently aged whiskeys, from bourbon and sherry barrels. That’s why the sherry flavor comes through so prominently the more you age it.

This Irish whiskey is incredibly smooth and easy to sip on. Light hints of nutmeg and cinnamon come through on the palate as you allow the spirit to swirl around your mouth. The Redbreast is also heat intensity, so it’s the perfect whiskey to have without the heat clouding your experience.

It’s also on the more affordable side. You can find this bottle of Irish cheer for under $70.00 a pop. Cheers to that!

bottle of redbreast 12 years on a table
Credits: @irishwhiskeymuseum.ie


Best Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Experts say a good Bourbon should have smokey flavors with a boldness to it that sets it apart from the rest. And, like all great whiskies, smoothness is desirable. If a bourbon has a high proof, it means that the alcohol content is high. This may be something you’d want to consider if you are looking for the best bourbon to drink straight.

You should probably look for bourbon’s that are over four years old. If the bourbon is younger than that, it has to say so on the bottle, so identifying this should not be hard. The reason for this is because a bourbon’s age is determined by the youngest component of the blend.

As an older bourbon is associated with better quality (although this is not always true), some sneaky distillers were adding drops of the older stuff and selling it as an aged product. In order to stop this, it is now a legal requirement for bourbon makers to put the age on the bottle if it’s been aged for less than four years.


Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon

The fascinating aging process of this stunner is what gives Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon its unique flavors. Bourbon boffs describe the flavors as complex and fruity. You’ll be able to identify scents of apple as the notes of dark, dried fruit come through on the palate.

Due to the unique aging process, there are some more subtle yet interesting flavors that your palate will experience too. You may be able to pick up undertones of sea salt, given that the blend was aged at sea. You may also come across hints of dark chocolate and slight bitterness.

Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon was agreed to be one of the best bourbons to drink straight because of the experience it gives its consumer. One sip will make you stop and savor the spirit while you identify the individual flavors that make up this masterpiece.

Despite the complex process, a bottle of this liquor will only set you back about $75.00. It’s definitely not your everyday drink, but a great way to treat yourself or a fellow whisky lover.

bottle of jeffersons ocean, one of the best whisky to drink straight
Credits: @thirtyonewhiskey.com


Best Whisky To Drink Straight – The Scotch Part!

When it comes to finding the best whisky to drink straight, the Scottish certainly know a thing or two. Scotch is famous as it can only be distilled in Scotland and can only be aged in oak barrels. You should look out for scotch that is bold and full because it is made from unmalted barley.

Scotch done right is high on several lists of the best whisky to drink straight. Its intense smokiness is really popular. If you’re a fan of intense flavors, the perfect Scotch may be your new favorite neat spirit.


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Compass Great King Street – Artist’s Blend

This whisky is actually a blend, which is unusual on any best-of-the-best list. However, the distillers of the Compass Box Great King Street Artist’s blend knew what they were doing with this belter.

The blend contains a higher ratio of single malt to grain, which gives the consumer the opportunity to enjoy its well-rounded complexity as a straight drink. It has undertones that mimick a fruity dessert, where flavors of vanilla, spices, and baked apple make up a beautiful, indulgent emulsion.

Again, you won’t have to break the bank! You can pick up a bottle to the Compass Box for around $65.00.

bottle of great king street near tow glasses
Credits: @lcbo.com


How To Find Your Best Whisky To Drink Straight

We’ve listed some of the classic favorites out of Irish Whiskey, Bourbon, and Scotch. Drinking whisky neat should be an immersive experience for you, so we’ve done our best to provide you with some sort of guide as to what to look out for when seeking the best whisky to drink straight.

The three famous regions for whisky production are masters of their trade. However, keep in mind that there are more and more countries around the world that are becoming renowned for their superb whisky. Japanese whisky, for example, is one of the favorites among whisky lovers.

These whiskies are just our recommendations. The key to finding the best whisky to drink straight is experimenting with different varieties and finding which ones suit your palate best. You fundamentally have to enjoy the whole whisky experience while engaging with the craft of the spirit as well as its wonderful taste!


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