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Americans love a good whiskey, perhaps even more so because it’s a spirit they can actually call their own. Its origins can be traced back to the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia as far back as 1791. It was originally brewed as a product made from rye. The president at the time saw that it had a huge potential for profit and so decided to start taxing it, manufactures were heavily against this and they didn’t go down without fight which became known as the “whiskey rebellion.” Between 1922 and 1933, the prohibition took place, this is where alcohol was banned because of the high levels of intoxication among the American denizens. The ban was lifted in 1933 because it just wasn’t working, people were making alcohol on the black market and the government simply didn’t have the man power to stop it. So today, Americans who are of the legal drinking age can drink as much whiskey as they please! Here are some of the best whiskey brands out today.


Wild Turkey Longbranch:

What an interesting name! An even more interesting fact is that actor Matthew McConaughey from Texas helped to design the bottle! Its got a smooth finish with a smoky taste creating a perfect balance between scotch and bourbon.


Maker’s Mark:

This is definitely one of Americas favorites, it has a complex, rich and slightly sweet flavor thanks to the corn mash ingredient. It’s also been aged in charred oak barrels. It’s a unique bottle, made in Kentucky with notes of vanilla and caramel.



This whiskey was produced in Colorado, it was the first legal bottle to be made in the state. It’s made out of malted barley that’s been sourced locally, and its been aged in American White Oak barrels. This process gives it a vanilla note with a slight hint of creamy butterscotch.


Jack Daniels:

If there is one whiskey brands that’s known worldwide, it’s good old Jack Daniels! This silky-smooth Tennessee whiskey is processed through charcoal twice making it extremely likeable even for those who wouldn’t normally drink neat.


Knob Creek:

If you are looking for a peppery taste with a hint of vanilla, Knob Creek is the whiskey to go for. It’s a fire cracker with a unique taste that works well with any ingredient especially if you want to mix it in a cocktail. Knob Creek has been slowly aged in charred barrels and once it reaches a potent 100 proof, its bottled. It’s a small bottle, but it’s definitely a kicker.


Few Rye Whiskey:

Made out of malted barley, corn and rye, this delicious whiskey delivers a delicious spicy deep red fruit taste. Its been aged in oak barrels and fermented for years from Loire Valley Wine.


Knappogue Castle:

This Irish whiskey brands is 12 years old, it’s a single malt that’s been aged in oak casts and distilled in copper pot stills. Its got a bit of a citrus note as well as a spicy bight and will delight the tongue of any whiskey lover.


Nikka Whiskey:

This Japanese whisky brands is one of great complexity although it is extremely well loved. It was founded by Masataka Taketsuru in 1930, he was a chemist who went to Scotland to study distilling. He helped to craft the original Yamazaki. Nikka whiskey is made out of up to 100 batches. It has a wooded flavor that’s slightly fruity.


Jameson Whisky:

Jameson is one of the most famous and well-loved Irish whiskeys around. Its mixed with French corn and Irish barley and seasoned in oak casks. It has a hint of vanilla that’s slightly nutty, as well as a slight taste of dried fruit.



Whiskey is a great choice for dinner parties and social gatherings. Once upon a time it was unheard of to consume whiskey with a snack; however, of recent years it has become much more popular. Cheese, chocolate, fruit, nuts and pork ribs are just a few of the snacks you can enjoy with a nice glass of whiskey. It’s also important to mention that whiskey is a very strong drink, having just one glass can have an affect on your mental capabilities; therefore, please refrain from drinking and driving.

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