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The Whisky Flavour whisky tasting box

Product subscriptions, such as a Whisky Tasting Box give you something new and exciting to try on a regular basis. You simply sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership to start receiving delicious goodies in the mail.

Members can either keep their boxes for themselves or give them away to someone else. The point is to be as creative and adventurous as possible. So, explore some fun ideas before you buy a whisky subscription box from anywhere.


Whisky tasting glass


5 fun things to do with a whisky tasting box

Finding the right whisky box isn’t as hard as it seems. There are several options available, plus you can pick and choose which bottles and accessories come with your shipment (usually). Once yours arrives, start thinking “outside the subscription box” by trying one of the ideas we present below!


#1. Experiment Unique Flavor Profiles

Use your whisky tasting box to taste brands and flavours that you wouldn’t otherwise try. Sign up for an artisan or collector’s box to get famous flavors and newly crafted brews. Then, set up a whisky tasting party and invite your friends to sample your stash.

TIP: See if your buddies can guess which flavour or brand is in their cup and offer whiskey-related prizes to the winners.

Tiny glass with whisky for tastings


#2. Explore Some Unfamiliar Brands

You might not get the chance to explore delicious tastes unless you’re part of an exclusive club. That’s because some whisky brands can only offer reasonable prices when they affiliate with a subscription company.

Upcoming brands are especially fond of this technique because it helps get them introduced to the market. Use that to your advantage and get first dibs on the good stuff.

TIP: Compare new brands and refined recipes with the older classics to find your favorite flavor profiles.


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#3. Give the Box as a Gift

Most people are afraid to commit to a bottle of scotch or bourbon until they’ve tried it. However, that’s not always possible because expensive whisky can be hard to find (and even harder to afford).

Even some connoisseurs can’t get their hands on the high-quality whiskey, so offer up a premium whisky tasting box to help them get what they really want.

TIP: Choose a subscription that arrives in an attractive box because presentation is everything when it comes to giving gifts


The Whisky Flavour whisky tasting box


#4. Mix It Into Delicious Recipes

Did you know that whisky is good for more than just drinking? You can actually mix it into a few of your favorite food recipes to make the dish taste different. In fact, some cooks splash scotch and/or bourbon on their plates to draw out other flavors.

The unique combination of ingredients can lead to many culinary discoveries. Plus, eaters don’t get drunk unless they use the whole bottle.

TIP: Add your favorite whisky tastes to brothy soups, thick sauces, and marinades for meat (especially on the grill).


#5. Keep It as a Collectible

People love artisan products and world-renowned recipes. That’s why they buy sample subscriptions and try new brands in the first place. They also love how some companies design their bottles, so an underground community has got bigger and bigger.

As a whisky collector, you get bragging rights for owning some of the greatest labels on the planet. Show off your good taste with a well-kept stash.

TIP: Look for a whisky tasting box subscription that comes in a sturdy container so you can keep it up on a high shelf. 


Whisky tastings


How to save money on your whiskey tasting box

It might be hard to hold back with all these fun ideas, so find ways to save money on your subscription. That way, you can spread the love to as many people as possible. Here are 5 simple tips to get you started:

  • Compare prices – Look at several different boxes before deciding on the best one.
  • Watch for discounts – Sometimes, whiskey brands will offer special savings to customers who buy online or use a code.
  • Wait for sales – The best time to buy a whisky tasting box is around national holidays and at the end of the month.
  • Get referrals – Many subscription boxes give you additional incentives if you refer your friends to the company.
  • Buy in bulk – That means paying for an annual subscription upfront to enjoy bulk savings on the back end.


If all else fails, reach out to the seller’s customer service for more information about pricing. Then, compare each unit price with its relative retail price to find the best deal.

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