Whisky Box – A Whisky Tasting That Comes To You!

What will you find in our whisky box?

Whisky tasting is always a pleasure but sometimes it’s hard to put aside your bias for your favorite one. You know that there are other flavours out there but simply picking up a few random bottles is an expensive way to build up a pool of sample ideas for your next tasting event. Our Whisky Box might be the best solution either to find new flavours, either to receive some whisky goodies.

Thankfully there is an answer to this conundrum that allows you to sample some of the finest whiskies available that may also appeal to those of you who are collectors as well.

The next paragraphs will take you on a small tour around our Whisky Box!


What comes in the Whisky box?

First off, when the Whisky box arrives and you unwrap it from the shipping paper you are going to notice that this is not some cheap, cardboard box filled with some no-account drams. So, what do you get? Let’s start with the presentation.

The literal ‘Whisky box’ is exactly what it sounds like. This is a high-quality, reusable wooden box with a slide-lid that is meant to deliver and house your goodies until they are ready for consumption. Sliding it open, you’ll find cards welcoming you to the Whisky Flavour Subscription, inviting you to join the Whisky Flavour Club and explaining how to register for additional discounts available only to members.

Another card is inside that will tell you what 4 whiskies samples have been selected for you this month and where they come from, as well as random tidbits on the tastes or the actual distilling process. So, how about the whiskies?

Some whisky samples on our Whisky Box


Mature selections inside

Safely nestled in bubble-wrap to help ensure a safe arrival, the selections that you will receive are of high caliber. To give you an example of the quality and diversity within, here are a few whiskies from previous Whisky box monthlies:

  • Isle of Skye 8 – Fancy an 8-year old blended Scotch Whisky? Oak-cask matured, you’ll find flavors of sherry and fruitcake along with a subtle, yet piquant finale of nuts and spices.
  • Bowmore Islay Single Malt – If 8 years old seems a little immature for your tastes, why not try 18? That’s right, the Bowmore Islay Single-malt Scotch Whisky spends 18 years maturing to perfection in the only warehouse in Scotland which is below sea level. A quick sniff is rewarded with aromas of fruits waiting to be identified and it has flavours of chocolate, caramel and, ofcourse, that distinct Bowmore smoke that will raise an eyebrow as it brings a smile to your lips.
  • Jim Beam Devil’s Cut – One of those whiskies that you know you keep meaning to try, Jim Beam’s Devil’s cut is a solid 90 proof. A quick sniff shows that the potency obfuscates the flavours hidden within but a sip will tell you so much… inside it’s a cornucopia filled with caramels, molasses, citrus, toffee, and even toasted nuts. Add a cube of ice and taste slowly, you’ll be glad that you did.
  • Douglas Laing’s Scallywag Speyside – With a decade of maturation the flavor of Douglas Laing’s Scallywag Speyside is complex. An initial whiff of vanilla unfolds like complex origami with the first sip, revealing hints of dark chocolate, fruitcake, and even tobacco. See what else you can find in this sneaky Scallywag.

Oh, we should probably mention that we aren’t done just yet…

What will you find in our whisky box?


Wait, there’s more in the whisky box?!

You can also get some surprise goodies every month in every whisky box! Sometimes, there are even delicious snacks to further enhance you favorite flavours. One example of these is TartufLange’s ‘Truffle bites’, crisp breadsticks made with summer truffles that go well with various meats, cheeses, or even broken up into your salad.

While these snacks are nice, the other goodies are even better, with examples including cork glass stoppers, whisky stones for chilling without using ice, or even a Glencairn glass suitable for giving your whisky a spin to free up the complex aromas.

So why not give it a try, alone or with a friend? It’s a whisky tasting extravaganza delivered to your front door and if a friend is subscribing as well, it’s an event you can host with the most minimal preparation.

Give it a try and see for yourself: https://www.whiskyflavour.com/shop/whisky-subscription-tasting-box/


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