Our Best Whisky Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

Discover our best whisky deals for black friday and cyber monday

In a weekend overrun with digital deals and frenzied shopping, the world is a bit overwhelmed with options. Searching for unique gifts for the holiday season can be tiresome in this endless maze of consumer choices. Often, items purchased end up forgotten in a closet. That is why we have amazing whisky deals for black friday and cyber monday.

Break the cycle of mindless shopping with the thoughtful and unique gift of flavour. Unlike the singing mounted wall bass that might be tempting you, a whisky subscription box will beat a gag gift by a long shot.


What are our Whisky Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021?

This year we added a little treat to our whisky deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only our Whisky Subscritpion Box will have discount, our Whisky Advent Calendar will also have a cut on the price.

Choose the Whisky Deal that better suits you – or order them both, if you like! – and have your home invaded with amazing whisky expressions!


The Whisky Advent Calendar – Just in time for Christmas!

You may not believe in Santa Claus, or even dislike the Christmas Spirit a little bit. But you will enjoy our Whisky Advent Calendar, for sure, specially because of these whisky deals for black friday and cyber monday.

Made by whisky afficionados for whisky lovers, the Advent Calendar has everything for you to have the most wonderful time this year. Here’s what you can expect:

  • 24 Original Branded Whisky Miniatures;
  • 1 Full Whisky Bottle;
  • 2 Glencairn Glasses;
  • 2 Cork Coasters;
  • 8 Whisky Stones;
  • Chocisky Chocolates;
  • 1 Whisky Tasting Tray.


Order your Whisky Advent Calendar!


Whisky Advent Calendar, one of our whiksy deals for black friday and cyber monday


The Whisky Subscription Box – A gift that goes beyond itself

Besides a doorway to the vast and diverse realm of whisky, you’ll also receive the following items in your subscription box:

  • Four original branded miniature bottles;
  • Perhaps some chocolates, whisky stones, glasses or coasters (this one is a last minute treat we might put on the box);
  • Exclusive Access to our WhiskyFlavour Club – an online platform with unique deals on full bottles;
  • A high-quality wooden box: perfect for keeping your glass bottles stored.

This subscritpion is a gathering of unique, sometimes rare, original whisky miniatures delivered to your door every month as long as you choose. We also believe it is a convenient way to expand your repertoire without even leaving your home.

Order your Whisky Subscription Box and have ir delivered for how long you want!


Whisky Subscription Box, one of our whiksy deals for black friday and cyber monday


Beyond the Whisky Deals for Black Friday…

At Whisky Flavour, we believe that whisky is more than just a fancy drink. When you gift a whisky box, you don’t just give a simple beverage flight, you also offer a portal to:

  • Sensation exploration;
  • Instinct definition;
  • An international expedition;

A Whisky Subscription Box, as well as the Whisky Advent Calendar, is far from an ordinary gift that opens up a world of possibility. A monthly occurrence in the option of 1, 3, 6, or 12-month durations will send your recipient on a boundless journey. Regarding The Advent Calendar, it will make your Christmas a lot better! Let’s detail those experiences mentioned above:


Sensation Exploration

This gift offers real-world manifestations beyond the box. To better enjoy these whisky deals for black friday, you should know some basic whisky tasting steps. With one sip of whisky, you encounter aroma, taste, and sensations that will awaken the range of your expectations.

To break it down, the following tasting method is a practice to begin this process:

  • Observe the color;
  • Smell the aroma;
  • Take a sip;
  • Add a touch of waters to amplify the flavors.

Tasting whisky is an opportunity to introduce yourself to sensations you haven’t experienced before. Your average coffee mug gift can’t do that.

Make the most out of our whisky deals for black friday and cyber monday


Instinct Definition

The most basic ambitions that we have are our instincts. Consistently dulled in our modern world, we tend not to rely on our ability to sense things very much. However, these skills can be honed!

Use your monthly subscription or your new Whisky Advent  Calendar as a way to fine-tune your natural understanding in the following ways:

  • Improve your tasting intelligence: Can you distinguish between flavors of smoke or oak?
  • Does a flavor linger or dissipate quickly?
  • Can you tell the difference between a lighter or darker whisky color?
  • Does the whisky smell like spice or fruit?


International Expedition

You may not be able to jet off to Ireland in an afternoon, but taking a mindful moment to enjoy a taste of whisky can transport you there without the need for a passport. A way to appreciate the craftsmanship and historical significance of distant places, a whisky tasting can introduce you to worlds you may not have known.

Here a few suggestions for a deep dive study for those history buffs out there:

  • Where does whisky come from? Hint: It’s Scotland…or is it Ireland?
  • What are the origins of the brand (Lagavulin, Johnnie Walker, etc)
  • Where are these brands located and does that affect whisky flavor?

Far more then pleasing personal journey is it to discover the origins of your whisky samples than to add another boring necktie to your massive collection. A gift that keeps giving is much more valued.

3 people drinking whisky and making a toast


Making the most out of our Whisky Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Snag some sweet Whisky Deals For Black Friday and Cyber Monday and give the unexpected gift. Closeout that tab in your browser for cheap DVDs and consider something that will portray the thoughtfulness and appreciation you aim to instill in your gift-giving – even if the gift is for yourself.

Even better than gifting one box – think of creative ways you can spread the love!


Virtual Whisky Club:

Purchase a set of whisky box subscriptions for a few friends (and yourself of course) and establish a virtual Whisky Club. After receiving the box each month, hop on a video call with your pals while you taste the samples to discuss flavor profiles, and connect.

Also, don’t forget that, with our Whisky Subscription Box, you’ll have exclusive access to our WhiskyFlavour Club – an online platform with exclusive deals on full bottles.

Double time:

Invest in a box for your mother and your father. There’s no need to leave mom out here – by sending two of the same box, you’ve gifted your parents with a built-in whisky tasting date night they can enjoy together every month.

In Summary

This day of mega deals is a great opportunity to prepare for the holiday season of gift-giving. Or even a chance to bless yourself with a well-deserved experience! You can see that a Whisky Flavour Subscription Box or the Whisky Advent Calendar would be vastly appreciated by a range of different people.

For your history aficionados, adventurers, and beverage lovers – this gift is sure to please.


Don’t run out on whisky, with our Whisky Deals For Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Head to our shop, here: https://www.whiskyflavour.com/shop/


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