Whisky Sample Subscription vs Miniature Subscription

Glenfiddich Whisky Sample, as part of a Whisky sample subscription

If you are in love with whisky, you probably want to taste the most expressions possible of any kind of whisky. Luckily for you, you just got to the right place. We provide our clients with a with a wide variety of expressions every month.

Actually, instead of samples, we deliver original branded miniatures. In this way, you get to taste a whisky more profoundly and you know you are tasting the real deal.


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  1. Whisky Samples vs Whisky Miniatures
  2. Signing Up for a Whisky Sample Subscription
    1. Our Whisky Tasting Subscription
    2. What Brands Does Our Whisky Tasting Subscription Offer?
    3. What you get when you sign up for our Whisky Tasting Subscription
Example of the Whisky Flavour Whisky Tasting Box
Example of our Whisky Tasting Box


Whisky Samples vs Whisky Miniatures

Whisky samples and whisky miniatures have some differences that are worth looking at when choosing one or another (and specially if you looking for a whisky sample subscription).

It seems like they mean the same thing, but they actually don’t. When choosing between getting whisky samples or whisky miniatures, we advise you to get the second. Not just because it is our business core, but because we know it will be more worthwhile. Let us clarify this question.

The first difference between the two is the amount of alcohol in each bottle. While sample bottles have until 3cl of whisky, miniature bottles can have 5 or 7cl. It’s around the twice more of the spirit you love (and the price may not differ that much). If you ordering samples just to taste a wider variety of whiskies and choose the expression that will have a whole bottle on your shelf, you want to make sure you have a good taste of the whisky – especially if it’s a more expensive one.

Secondly, although most samples have the name of the brand and expression, as well as the date, their label are not the real deal. And, unless you’re ordering them directly from the distillery, there could be a chance that you wont be tasting the whisky you think you are. This does not mean that other whisky sample subscription services are misleading you; just make sure they order their samples directly from the distillery. Our advice on this matter is that you order directly from the source or that you to choose whisky miniature bottles instead of samples. Miniatures are usually original branded, which makes them, in our humble opinion, more trustworthy than samples.

Finally, if you are signing up for a whisky sample subscription because you are a collector, original branded miniatures will meet your purpose perfectly. Instead of having shelves full of look-a-like tiny bottles, you’ll have tiny bottles that look exactly like the full-size ones. Truth being told, we also eat with our eyes, right?

Gleffiddich Whisky Sample, as part of a Whisky sample subscription
Glenfiddich Whisky Sample, as part of a Whisky Sample Subscription


Signing Up for a Whisky Sample Subscription Box

If you are thinking about signing up for a whisky sample subscription, we automatically think that you want to taste a lot of different types of whisky, upcoming brands, new releases and classic whisky expressions. Also, you want to taste the most, knowing that you are tasting the real deal and without paying for a whole bottle.

The good thing is that you have a lot of high rated options in the market that can help you achieve your goals as a whisky connoisseur or just a whisky aficionado. So, the first question you might ask yourself is “What subscription box will be the best for me?”. We have made a clarifying guide on what you should look for in a whisky subscription box, that might help you out.

Although we cannot tell you what service to choose, since it is a really personal choice, we can tell you what you might find in our Whisky Tasting Subscription.


Our Whisky Tasting Subscription – Monthly Whisky Miniatures and So Much More!

As pointed out previously, we do not deliver samples of whisky. We deliver original branded miniatures to our clients. These whisky miniature bottles are collected from the brands we partnered with since the beginning of this project.

Several expressions we have sent to our customers, in previous Whisky Tasting Boxes
Several expressions we have sent to our customers, in previous Whisky Tasting Boxes

Regarding the whisky miniatures we deliver, here’s what you can count on:

  • Original Branded Miniatures – They look like the full bottle, but they are a lot tinier (perfect for a collector).
  • Our partners are highly reliable (given that we collect the miniatures directly from the distilleries or main distributers)
  • Wide range of brands and expressions – From the classics (like The Macallan), to new and upcoming brands (as Smokehead, for instance).
  • We have partnerships with whisky brands from all over the world – By now, we have sent our costumers whisky from the USA, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, India, Japan and Peru.
  • You can expect to 4 whisky miniatures every month.


What Brands Does Our Whisky Tasting Subscription Offer?

As we said in the previous section of this article about Whisky Sample Subscription, we have partnerships with brands from all over the world. This allows you to taste truly unique whisky that (probably) none of your friends or acquaintances have tasted before. Besides, you will be able to dive even deeper in the whisky world, while tasting expressions from brands like:


What you get when you sign up for our Whisky Tasting Subscription

Did you really think that we would only send you 4 whisky miniatures a month? Oh, we have just started.

This is what you pay for:

  • 4 Original Branded Whisky Miniatures with 5cl each;
  • Information about the brands and expressions you will taste;
  • A handmade and high-quality wooden box;

This is what we may offer you as gift (because we actually did it in the past):

  • Glencairn glass;
  • Marble whisky stones;
  • Chocisky chocolates;
  • Popcorn Shed;
  • Cork coaster.

Sounds good, no? If so, place your order on our Whisky Tasting Subscription page!

4 whisky miniatures, part of our whisky sample subscription

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