4 Best Scotch Whiskies under $60

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On this article, we will give you a list of the best scotch whiskies under $60. Stay tuned for these series, as we will introduce you to the best whiskies from around the world. These will come at different price levels with a variety of different notes and aromas that will amaze you each time.


Caol Ila, Moch

In 1846, Hector Handerson founded the Caol Ila Distillery in the Isle of Islay. Its name was inspired by its location as the distillery is overlooking the straight between Islay and Jura. Derived from Gaelic Caol Ile, its name means Sound of Islay.

Nowadays, the company belongs to Diageo, who was able to catapult the brand to a more international market. This particular option from Caol Ila, Caol Ila Moch is a single malt with about 8 years old. The Moch is a simple yet challenging Scotch that will amaze you on every single sip you take.

This is, definitely, one of the best scotch whiskies under $60 you should taste at least once in your lifetime.



Once you pour this Scotch, you will find a beautiful gold straw coloured drink. In the nose you will feel a clean, yet smoky aroma with a light citrus and green fruit notes. It will remind you as well of wet grass and burnt sticks due to its blend of smokiness and freshness.

Once you take the first sip, you will feel immediately a punch of honey sweetness followed by tons of smoke. A mix of malted barley, bark and fresh herbs will follow with touches of caramel, liquorice, sweet chilli and black pepper spice. Overall, there is a sense of clean and fresh notes with hints of smokiness and spices.


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Bottle of Caol Ila, Moch, one of the best scotch whiskies under $60


Peat’s Beast, Cask Strenght

This incredible Scotch beast is bottles by the Fox Fitzgerald, who are yet to disclose the distillery behind it. This adds a bit more of suspense and curiosity to this cask strength whisky.

This is explosion of power, taste and flavour makes it one of the scotch whiskies under $60 worth tasting which is not for the faint of heart. However, we do believe that you will enjoy this heavily peated single malt whisky with its raw, powerful and maritime notes.



Once you pour this Scotch, you will find a beautiful light gold coloured drink. Once you bring the glass closer, you will feel an interesting aroma of fresh fruits and bonfires almost reminding you of autumn.

Once you take a sip, you will be surrounded by the peat power. Although there is a strong first impression, it will calm down to a more salty flavour with hints of spices. This will end with a memorable yet long finish.


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Bottle of Peat’s Beast, Cask Strenght


Nomad, Outland Whisky

The Nomad Outland Whisky is a mix of two incredible countries Scotland and Spain. A curious blend scotch whisky under $60 that is also a true masterpiece.

This whisky is the new venture of Gonzalez Byass. The Gonzalez family have been one of Spain’s pioneers by bringing since 1835 many industrial and cultural innovations. In collaboration with their master blender Antonio Flores and Richard Paterson, the master distiller in Dalmore, the Nomad was born.

This incredible whisky is made with a blend of 25 single malt scotch whiskies and six-grain whiskies, all of them aged between 5-8 years. After the blending, the whisky is aged for 1-3 years in Sctoland and then shipped to Gonzalex Byass Sherry bodega in Jerez for a maturation of 12 months in Pedro Ximenez casks.

This whisky is unique in its own way, with a mix of flavours that will dazzle you.



Once you pour this Scotch, you will find a beautiful bright gold coloured drink. On the nose you will feel immediately the aroma of raisins, vanilla and malt giving this a very sweet and delightful smell.

Once you take the first sip, the soft and sweet notes of peaches, mulled wine, liquorice, spices, marzipan and almonds will invade your mouth. The finish touch is still softly sweet with a medium-long touch.


Average Price


Nomad, Outland Whisky, one of the best blended scotch whiskies under $60


Cardhu, 15 Year Old

Cardhu was born in 1824 by John Cumming, one of the rare whisky smugglers that was able to successfully transition to a legal operation.

This whisky has been a single malt way before it was known as one of Johnnie Walkers core malts. Nowadays, owned by Diageo, they were able to bring back its essence pleasing many new customers and winning some incredible awards.

It is already well-known and one of the best scotch whiskies under $60 any whisky lover must taste.



Once you pour this Scotch, you will find a beautiful burnished bronze coloured drink. Immediately you will feel the smell of pear, apple and charred oak giving this a fresh yet sweet aroma.

On the first sip, you will feel the rich flavours of autumn fruits with a hint of distant peak. It will end with a long and toasted finish.

This is the perfect whisky to be enjoyed on the first cold evening of autumn, making its way into the cold nights of winter.


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Bottle of Cardhu, 15 Year Old


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